You Can Help Make A Better Colorado. TODAY!

You Can Help Make A Better Colorado. TODAY!

From The Colorado Green Building Guild

Make Colorado a better place for you and your family -- Support sustainable building in Colorado.

The Colorado Green Building Guild

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You really CAN make a difference

It's frustrating to feel that we can't do much about climate change, protecting the environment or even really helping the local sustainable economy. But, we can! Now...right this minute. We can do something that will help us today, our children tomorrow and our children's children for years to come.

You help the environment when you support the Colorado Green Building Guild

Green buildings preserve the environment and keep your family healthy: They provide healthy choices for living, they decrease our negative impact on the environment, and they cost less to build & operate.

CGBG is the source for educating the construction industry on how to do things the right way--the environmentally sound way--and for connecting homeowners & business owners with the people who can do the work.

But, we need your support to get that done. We need your help so we can make those connections and train those people.

Connecting the people who care (like YOU!)

We are the conduit that connects homeowners and business owners with the designers and builders who are creating a "greener" Colorado.

We know that Coloradans are dedicated to a healthy sustainable future, and we know our buildings can be made the right way because we teach designers and builders to make them the right way. Then, after we get everyone trained, we connect those designers and builders with the people who want more sustainable homes & businesses.

This is your chance to help the environment by helping your family, your friends and yourself

Discover how “green building” and “sustainable” are as much about the indoors as they are about the outdoors. Discover how sustainability can help the local economy while helping the local environment. Discover how green buildings affect you, your family, and your friends every day.

Spread the word, the video...and help us make a better Colorado for everyone.

The Colorado Green Building Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your donations to this campaign may be tax deductible.

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