10 Ways to Massively Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

10 Ways to Massively Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

From Elham Alex

Crowdfunding has become an important part of the work of many companies, as it has made it possible to open your own business without loans, investors, and partners.

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Crowdfunding has become an important part of the work of many companies, as it has made it possible to open your own business without loans, investors, and partners. It is especially effective and relevant to use crowdfunding for the implementation of startups since crowdfunding helps to identify the demand for an idea, and the interest of the audience in the project. Also, crowdfunding can be used by existing companies that are experiencing difficulties in financing or want to test the “strength” of a new niche of their business.


Crowdfunding can help in several ways: with its help, you can draw attention to your idea, raise the necessary amount of funds using convenient online methods, collect and analyze data about the potential audience, and test the idea and project for relevance. All these operations do not require financial investments - only time, perseverance, and a desire to achieve the goal are needed.


One of the key stages of a crowdfunding project is its promotion. Often, the user decides to create such a project, studies the instructions for launching it, and starts a crowdfunding campaign. But as a result, the project does not collect even half of the declared amount. The reason is that after the launch of the project, the target audience does not receive information about its existence. It is not enough to create a page on a crowdfunding platform correctly - the project needs promotion, which involves the use of certain tools and techniques. It is about them that we will tell you today in this article.

1. Soft Launch 

Your quickness has a lot to do with a crowdfunding project's likelihood of success. The basis for getting started is a successful test with early contributions and advocates spreading the news. The following method can be used to do this:

- It's crucial to have a campaign marketing strategy with financial benchmarks. You need an overall plan, but it must be adaptable to account for the ups and downs of all fundraising activities.

- Before thinking over a plan to promote your crowd campaign, I recommend that everyone ask themselves the question: who is the target audience of my project and why would they be interested in supporting me? It is necessary to form the core of the target audience and, on the basis of this, think over the description of the project and everything else.

- Ensure that you have all of the text, image, and video content you require. Bright photos are especially crucial for the effective creation of content.

  - "Save the date" information can be sent to your contacts through the most effective channels to reach this group: email, social networks, telephone, and local phone numbers can help spread awareness of the upcoming launch directly to your geographic location.

- Arrange a launch party. It may take place offline or online. Whatever you decide, don't forget to send out your invites in advance to spread the word and guarantee more people will come and/or see them.

- Before the "formal" debut, be engaged with social media to begin motivating and expanding your audience. 

2. The Official Launch

Get as much staff and volunteer help as you can because this is the most crucial phase of the campaign preparation process and your launch needs complete coverage in order to be promoted on every one of your platforms. If resources allow, you might use a Facebook Ads campaign to publicize the launch. All available venues will receive live streams of the event, adding to the live event feel.

3. Emails

Once you have a few commitments, send a message to your mailing list introducing the beginning of your crowdfunding campaign. It might be your regular mailing list, or you could have created a separate sign-up list just for supporters of the campaign. You can simply mention the campaign in your forthcoming newsletter or send out a particular email to your readers about it. You can handle it as you like, however, refrain from spamming people.

4. Updates

With websites for crowdfunding, it is typically possible to provide "updates" to every contributor. Deeply involving them in your project is another fantastic method of keeping in touch with them as well as enticing them to reinvest. These updates can include things like calls to action and appreciative messages for new promises, and you can send them as frequently as you'd like. As the campaign advances, new supporters will make these pledges, so make the most of this chance to motivate them. In order to encourage the first and last donations, updates typically happen more frequently at the start and close of a campaign.

5. Press and PR 

Newspaper, radio, TV, or blog coverage can promote the cause and increase donations to your project at little to no expense. It's fantastic if you already have a journalist list. If not, or if you want a refresher, ask your community for contacts and use social networks to look up local media. Remember the influencers' power. Send them an email with project specifics, or connect with them on social media. Ensure they have information about your campaign, including the URL of your campaign page. For PR coverage, timing is crucial. Just after a crowdfunding initiative receives its first donations, reaches its goal, or closes, it becomes interesting.

6. Websites 

Your website is the face and voice of your campaign, many people's first impressions of you, and the standard by which you will be evaluated. It ought to include some fundamental details about what you do, how you operate, and how others may help. It follows that this is the ideal location for your crowdfunding effort. Make absolutely sure your campaign takes first place on the main page. All that is required is a reference to the campaign page, an image, and some writing.

7. Offline

 If you want to inform those who aren't online in 2023, you shouldn't ignore traditional marketing strategies. Your printed materials can be posted on various notice boards and in public places. Participation in neighborhood events could also aid in spreading the news. Having your proposal presented at a meeting or having it written up by local groups or organizations in their future newsletter will also help.

8. Come up with rewards

Rewards are what distinguishes crowdfunding from the usual collection on the site. Perhaps this is the most "green" crowdfunding mechanism - the one based on gratitude. Before we ask for something, we are ready to give a gift. In general, crowdfunding is win-win: everyone wins. A person who supports the project is involved in an interesting initiative for him and can receive a gift. The authors of the project receive money. Well, if the project will have seven to ten rewards, which differ in content and cost. In general, they fall into three categories: gratuitous, digital, and tangible.

9. Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for promoting anything. It's a chance to get the word out and pique interest among a bigger audience. We advise pinning the campaign link with compelling content (perhaps the pitch video) to the top of your feeds so that your followers may easily access it. We recommend distributing videos as video files instead of YouTube or video URLs when uploading them online so that viewers may view them immediately and without being diverted.

10. Post Promotion Procedure

You need to constantly involve your supporters and regularly stir up their interest in your subsequent campaigns and projects:

- Express your gratitude to all participants by giving it loud publicity. After all, any good news about your success breeds the success of your next campaign.

- Notify all participants of the achievement of goals and thank those who helped you achieve them through all possible channels of communication.

- Keep everyone involved informed of all news, changes, and events. Also, do not neglect to inform about hitches and difficulties - it is important for people to know all the details of what is happening, so it is better to be sincere.

- Make sure that you fulfill all agreements and rewards, and keep your supporters informed.

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