#StepUpwithTNS 30 days to 5k

#StepUpwithTNS 30 days to 5k

From The Next Step Programs

The Next Step Programs advocates for change for individuals with disabilities transitioning out of high school. These funds will directly support the programs we have to educate, advocate and inspire about transition.

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The Next Step Programs is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on educating the community about the transition process for individuals with disabilities as they leave high school. TNS works directly with families, teachers, individuals with disabilities and employers to achieve this, through the various programs we have created. 

TNS was co-founded in 2015 by Richard Price and Josh Fields. The two friends met at a summer camp for young adults with Down syndrome. Quickly, the two bonded over their ambitions to help make the world a more inclusive space, especially for those with disabilities as they transitioned out of high school. TNS is devoted to educating communities on transition process and the importance of inclusion through transition. TNS achieves this through our workshops, video blogs, resource guide, and much more. 


Resource Guide - Creating an innovative space that fosters ease and comfort, instead of stress.

Our resource guide is a platform where various resources that can assist individuals with disabilities with their transition in a central location . Too many times have we heard that finding resources is “difficult” or “near impossible.” TNS created a map to display the various resources in the state you reside, broken down into the main categories in the transition process. Easy. The resource guide is continually being updated. 


Workshops - Creating workshops to educate and train people about the transition processes, every aspect of it. 

For Parents/Caregivers/Legal Guardians. Teachers and Educators, Families, and Individuals with Disabilities 

Workshops are created on specific topics of transition to help educate the community and population and provide resources. Wanting to empower individuals to be leaders in transition and to #StepUpwithTNS and #takethenextstep into inclusion 

Examples of workshops include - Transition 101, When to start Transition Planning, Skill Development, Assessments, Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills, Sex Education, Interviewing, Task Management, Understanding Ones Rights, How to find a job and apply. 

Workshops are based on current and evidence based research and findings, to ensure we are delivering the appropriate information to everyone. Within these workshops TNS will facilitate group discussion on topics to increase awareness of transition and the problems we all face. By creating an environment where TNS working WITH participants to establish better understanding of the process. 

For Employers and Businesses 

Workshops created for this demographic of audience members are a separate entity. Trainings and Workshops are created and produced for employers to create a better understanding within he disability world and what inclusion truly means. Workshops are focused on the social interactions with individuals with disabilities in the workplace, how to hire individuals with disabilities, why it is important to hire those with disabilities, and the importance of transition into the workplace. TNS wants to inspire these leaders in the business world to also be leaders in inclusion by #takingthenextstep 

We work with employers to show them the importance to hire those with disabilities and to help link up parents and individuals with disabilities, or other organizations teaching those in the transition process to get a job. 


Video Blog - Promoting self-advocacy by letting the words of those going through the transition process to life. 

The video-blog series was created to bring awareness to the front of society. TNS shares the stories of those directly going through the transition process, families that are affected, educators helping to progress transition, and businesses involved in the process. 


Programs to come - 

STEPs - Facilitated discussions around the transition process. Let’s talk about it. 

For more information please contact [email protected] or visit our website for updates. 


The future of TNS is big and bright. 

In order to grow, expand our programming, and offer more to the community we need your support. TNS was founded on three pillars: To Educate, Advocate, and Inspire. Please join us in the movement to do the same, to make a change.  Let’s all #takethenextstep into inclusion. 

Will you #StepUpwithTNS ?

For more information please  visit www.tnsprograms.org

You can also follow us on Instagram @tns_programs and Facebook @TheNextStepPrograms

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