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I'm fundraising money to help aspiring, young entrepreneurs from low-income communities get the resources and guidance needed to succeed.

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Teach the Youth to Change Tomorrow

The initiative Rise Up was founded by Ben Angel as a response to his experience with the inequities and gun violence he saw while working with youth on the south side of Chicago. In the face of violence and socioeconomic disparity. The answer to this sort of violence and socioeconomic disparity lies in the next wave of young leaders that will act as the catalyst for economic and social revitalization of these impoverished communities.

Rise Up believes that entrepreneurship education is the key to socioeconomic revitalization, because does so much more than teach students the business skills and entrepreneurial mindset they need to start a business. Teaching entrepreneurship makes school relevant to a young student and creates a sense of ownership over their academic, professional, and personal lives.As a volunteer coach, Ben realized that many of the resources that the students and teachers needed were lacking, because many entrepreneurial individuals weren't able to volunteer in person to share their experience and guidance. Rise Up has partnered with NFTE Chicago and Google to overcome the barriers that prevent students from getting the resources and guidance they need to transform from young students into young entrepreneurs.

Our Pilot Schools, Teachers and Students!

In order to leverage more volunteers, Rise Up is using a content and reflection based blogging platform  to connect 117 NFTE Chicago students with approximately 40 Entrepreneurship Coaches from around the world! 

One of our Young Entrepreneurs

Thornwood's Entrepreneurship Teacher

Rise Up has plans to rapidly expand services to students across the nation after we refine our platform on the south side of Chicago.

The Goal

MY IMPOSSIBLE: My impossible goal is running a 4:30 mile. Yes that is running a mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Considering that two months ago I struggled to run 1.5 miles in 13:30, this is certainly going to be a challenge (by the way, at a 4:30 pace, I would have run 3 miles in that time!). Most people will rightfully agree that this is impossible, but that's the point! My new years goal is to run a sub 5 minute mile and to me, that's very achievable, but this challenge is what really inspires me and will actually create a change not just within my self, but inspire you and ESPECIALLY the students at Thornwood H.S. to make positive changes yourselves!

YOUR DIFFERENCE: raising $10,000 for the Full Circle pilot program to provide services to Thornwood High School!

How can you help?

  1. Donate: the easiest step! Just click on here and get that warm fuzzy feeling that'll help you sleep well tonight!
  2. Share this with your networks! This is how we'll increase the impact of 4:30Fundraising exponentially! One tip: if you share it directly with people via mentioning them or by email, it'll increase the odds of them responding dramatically!
  3. Volunteer as an Entrepreneurship Coach or virtual speaker! Just fill this out :).

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