4 Off-Road Tyre Types You Should Know About

4 Off-Road Tyre Types You Should Know About

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Tyres are the most important components of a car. When it comes to tyres, they come in a myriad of varieties and sizes. The tread types are different for particular roads and styles of driving. Off-road tyres are ideally made for SUVs, pickup trucks, and crossovers. They are considered the best choice for 4-wheeler trucks and vehicles with built-on traction systems.

Off-road tyres come with deeper treads and are great for enhancing traction when you are driving on uneven surfaces. Off-road tyres are great in providing strength and grip on slick and uneven surfaces to reduce the chances of skidding or getting stuck. You can get off-road tyres from the best tyres brands. These tyres are block-designed and feature heavy-duty tread patterns and puncture-resistant sidewalls that can bear tough rocks and ensure traction in mud and sand.

Types of Off-Road Tyres

There are four main types of off-road tyres:

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tires are great for those who drive alot both on the road and on unpaved paths, such as woods and dirt roads. All-terrain tyres are more durable than simple road tyres since a thicker rubber is used, and the tread is deeper, allowing for improved traction on uneven paths. All-terrain tires come with reinforced sidewalls but let the driver enjoy different rim looks so the all-terrain look can be hidden if one wants.


Somewhat similar to all-terrain tyres, mud-terrain tyres are for those vehicles that are ideally used off-road or for outdoor adventures. Mud-terrain tyres are made using sturdy and durable rubber. Moreover, reinforced sidewalls facilitate additional carrying capacity. As for the tread, it is comparatively more pronounced than all-terrain, which gives the tyre more room to grip solid grounds and rocks during muddy driving conditions.

Sand Tyres

Also called paddle tyres, sand tyres do not have the regular knobby treads, which are used on regular tyres. Sand tyres tend to have a scoop-like appearance, and their treads have larger gap area. This way, the tyres enjoy an advantage in the loose sandy conditions as the paddles push the vehicle forward and keep sand from blocking the tread. Such types of tyres is popular in desert sports, particularly, the famed Desert Safari in Dubai. Sand tyres are used on smaller off-road devices.

Snow Tyres

Snow tyres are best for the harsh cold and snowy weather of the northern regions. Snow tyres are specialized wheels for effectively dealing with heavy snowfall and icy conditions. Although, the tread is deep enough, one can make further additions with metal or ceramic studs. The tread of these tyres offers improved traction during wet conditions. The rubber used in manufacturing these tyres is specially designed to endure wetter and colder temperatures.

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