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COVID-19 has changed life as we know it.

With people more opposed to leave their homes, real estate agents must transform how they market their products and connect with customers.

There are effective real estate marketing tools you can use to build your brand and grow your business in a post-COVID market. Real estate agents must go where their customers are, which is online.

Let's review some of the best property marketing tools you should be using in a post-COVID world.

1. Upgrade Your Website

A fast and easy-to-use website must be included in your real estate listing marketing plan.

It is more critical than ever for realtors to have a strong online presence. The post-COVID world will focus on online interactions. If you don't have a digital presence, you will miss out on opportunities.

Your website should be easy-to-navigate and quick to load. It should include security features, like an SSL certificate. Effective websites incorporate call-to-action buttons for customers to quickly get in touch with you.

Most importantly, your website must be mobile-friendly. An estimated 2 billion people currently access the internet via smartphones. That number is expected to rise to 3.7 billion people by 2025.

As face-to-face interactions are anticipated to decline after COVID-19, online interactions will increase. Your website will become your best real estate marketing tool to connect with home buyers and sellers.

2. Build a Blog

Marketing for realtors after COVID-19 involves building a high-quality blog. Real estate content marketing is an effective way to attract new customers.

Blogging provides your business with a variety of advantages, including:

  • Improving SEO
  • Establishing yourself as an industry leader
  • Building new relationships
  • Connect users with your brand
  • Generating new leads

Capitalize on the effects of COVID-19 by growing online interactions. Curate well-written blogs that answer common questions your customers may have.

Your readers will not only appreciate the information but will also gain trust in your brand. As they continue to engage with your business, the likelihood of readers becoming customers increases.

3. Create Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual staging and walkthroughs pique buyer interest. People can get a good feel of what a home looks from the comfort of their couch.

Use technology to market your homes. Drone footage captures amazing property videos. High-quality camera footage makes viewers feel as if they are actually inside the home.

People don't want to physically explore multiple homes, especially with the threat of COVID-19 in the air. Virtual staging and walkthroughs allow buyers to check out different homes without the travel.

4. Advertise on Instagram

Your real estate digital marketing plan should include social media. One of the most promising platforms to showcase your listings is Instagram.

Realtors use Instagram to post high-quality photos, connect with home buyers, and grow their brand. Hashtags allow posts to reach specific demographics organically.

Paid Instagram promotions connect your brand with new users. The promotions allow marketers to choose their target audiences, promotion length, and budget. The ads can send people to website landing pages, contact forms, or increase your Instagram following.

With 4.1 billion people using Instagram every month, the social media site is the perfect place to virtually connect with new customers.

Discover More Real Estate Marketing Tools

Thanks to COVID-19, real estate online marketing is more important than ever before.

Maintaining a strong website, building a blog, creating virtual walkthroughs, and advertising on Instagram are a few ways you can make capitalize on a post-COVID housing market.

If you're looking for innovative real estate marketing tools guaranteed to help your business thrive, check out our website.

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