4 Ways to Spice Up Your SMB’s Digital Marketing Strategy

4 Ways to Spice Up Your SMB’s Digital Marketing Strategy

From Tahir Ali

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Have you been an entrepreneur for a while now? If the answer is positive, you may be facing challenges when it comes to making innovations. Naturally, the worst thing for a business is stagnation which leads to slow demise. This is why every smart entrepreneur tries really hard to breathe new life into their own business from time to time. If you are feeling a bit uninspired, we are here to help out with some hints.

When in doubt, rebrand 

If you are at a complete loss of new ideas for your digital marketing, rebranding is the answer. Basically, if you don’t know what you should change, change everything. First of all, consider your business on its core level. Think about what its main purpose is and who the target audience should be. Stick around a bit to ask yourself whether your target audience should stay the same or it needs to narrow down or expand. If nothing makes sense, you could also change it completely, but this is a bit risky and calls for many other changes consequently. If you have no ideas on how to rebrand, you can always hire external help. What matters the most is that each rebranding needs a convincing and inspiring story. Your customers would like to know the journey that lead you to change the whole brand and that answer should not be to attract more customers, rather something more moving. You and your team can work on a good story and ways to rebrand. It is a challenging task, but a very rewarding one, as well. 

Refactor your website

When you are done with creating your new logo and your story, it is time to change your UI and all social media, too. The new design needs to be in sync with the new brand – everything is connected. So, have your designers work on a new version of your UI that is going to support your new business journey. Moreover, some other things need to be changed regarding your website. Naturally, if some texts are no longer applicable, they should be removed or replaced. Try to be concise and divide all your texts into paragraphs. These paragraphs should be separated with white spaces. White spaces are a great way to help the people that are reading your texts. If each paragraph is an independent subject, it will make your users’ lives much easier as they will be able to navigate through your website easily being able to avoid all the unnecessary information and focus straight on the point. Of course, all the changed you made to your UI should be applied to your social networks, too, in an adequate way.

All media needs updating 

Given that your business has stood fastly though time, chances are you have never updated the images you have on your website. This is completely reasonable. If something is done right, perhaps it does not need change. Unfortunately, that statement is incorrect in this context. Technology is making huge progress day after day and if you haven’t changed your images, their quality is now probably down in the gutter compared to some businesses that are up and running since recently. So, now that you are aware of the problem, it is much easier to take care of it. You will need to hire a photographer, as well as someone who would be in charge of fixing the photos up afterwards. It is amazing what kind of miracles can be done with 3D rendering and other techniques that involve boosting the quality of your photos through software. Also, while on the topic of media, there are more things to consider. This issue with image quality also refers to music and video. These materials need to be updated often as they can become obsolete quite quickly. 

Be careful with long texts 

There is a time and a place for long texts, especially nowadays. Certain groups of people are appalled by long texts and will refuse to read any long text. This is why you need to make all essential information regarding your business and the services you offer in the shortest and most concise way possible. If you do need to explain something in detail, replace a long text with an instructive video. Videos should also be kept short, no longer than two minutes. Remember, we are now living in the times of the shortest attention span ever. Everything is just a click away. We do not need to watch adds, we can skip introductions when watching TV shows, we do not read instructions for playing board games, but rather watch a short tutorial video on YouTube. Your business needs to adapt to keep up with the times whether you like it or not. On the other hand, long texts are still welcome in some places. One of those places are blogs. If you already have a blog with some short texts, this is a great foundation. You can now starting thinking about posting longer texts that are around 2000-word long. They will make your current readers happy as they are already looking forward to the next week’s text. Now they will have more reading material and a deeper dive into the subject. 

Finally, don’t forget to be yourself. It is really difficult finding balance between who you are and who you think people would like you to be. This is a great challenge and the answer to it is not a precise one. We are not sure how to put this into action. You should definitely keep up with trends in the industry and pay attention to the market and your target audience. On the other hand, try not to completely diverge from who you are. In the end, what is the value of your business if it is exactly the same as some others? So, do your best to keep that spark of (in)sanity in yourself and trust your instincts.

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