A little help from her friends

A little help from her friends

From Lorra Douglass

Gretchen is a dedicated volunteer at Bulldog Haven North West who has adopted 2 high need dogs from the group. 5 unexpected surgeries have resulted in very high bills.

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If you have beloved companions, you know the feeling when they are sick..desperate and panicked and urgent to get them well.  Gingko had his airway surgery in late November (soft palate resection taking off quite a bit that was obstructing his breathing and then his stenotic nares fixed as well) and a mass was surgically removed from his ear at the same time.   Awaiting results on the ear biopsy was nerve-wracking to say the least and a week later it was discovered he had a mast cell cancer tumor on his ear.  A full workup with the oncology department which included liver and spleen aspirates, lymph node aspirates, chest x-rays, and bloodwork was scheduled. After getting the all-clear and seeing no metastasis in his major organs, he needed to go to surgery again to remove his entire right ear and lymph nodes as we were worried it could have spread. Recovery has been incredibly rough on him. At the same time, Sumi had undergone surgery.  Sumi...she went in to have 4 teeth extracted the same day as Gingko's airway surgery but it was discovered her previous cleft palate surgical repair had opened up in three places. So that was fixed, but a sedated oral exam 2 weeks later showed one of the sites had opened up again. The good news is that her liver values are no longer elevated.  Further surgery to repair her palate is likely but healing is necessary.  At the moment Ginko and Sumi are healing and doing well. The resulting vet bills are a lot to deal with as a single working person and while Gretchen would never ask for help,  soI am for her. we all get by with a little help from our friends.  With her amazing dedication to work as a volunteer and how she has helped so many people and dogs in the past, she truly is a caring individual and has shown just that in practice.  So if you can spare anything it would be greatly appreciated.

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