Fund raising for building a Pokemon Game ROM for people

Fund raising for building a Pokemon Game ROM for people

From Jimmy Osha

We are raising funds to create a ROM of Pokémon Fire Red, a beloved and nostalgic Pokémon game for many fans of the franchise. With the help of the funds raised, our team of developers will be able to work on creating...

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Pros and Cons of Shadow Fight 3 Liquadator


  • Heavy damage: The Liquidator deals significant damage to opponents, making it a powerful weapon in combat.
  • Good range: It has a good range, allowing players to attack opponents from a distance and avoid getting hit themselves.
  • Fast attacks: The Liquidator has fast attacks, which can be useful for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle.
  • Unique design: The Liquidator's water-like appearance and design are visually appealing and set it apart from other weapons in the game.


  • Low durability: The Liquidator has low durability, meaning it can break easily if used frequently or carelessly.
  • Ammo management: It requires careful management of its ammo, which can be a disadvantage for players who prefer a more straightforward approach to combat.
  • Vulnerable to close-range attacks: The Liquidator's attacks are more effective at a distance, so it can be vulnerable to opponents who are able to get up close and personal.
  • Not suitable for all playstyles: The Liquidator's fast attacks and hit-and-run playstyle may not be suitable for all players, as some may prefer a slower and more defensive approach to combat. Download Shadow Fight 3 - RPG Fighting MOD APK 

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