Suffice In Allah As One's Champion

Suffice In Allah As One's Champion

From Ali Abu-Talib

A drowning man called on Allah For Help. Three boats came to his rescue. But he refused their aid, not recognizing that the boats were Allah's Help. Eventually he drowned. Please become God's Help For me. God Bless You.

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My mind is like a prism. I refract Truth. I can not only academically break it down, and make it plain. I’ve a God’s given gift to poetically make it engagingly beautiful. Like this:

“The Opening”


We Take Refuge With Allah From The Satan The Stoned.                       Harbor Us Lord For By You We Are Owned.

1.     In Name Of Allah The Source Of Mercy To All Of Creation...      The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation... 

2.     The Praise To Him, Lord Of The Nations... 

3.   The Source Of The Mercy To All Of Creation..                              The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation... 

4.     King Of The Day To Settle The Obligation... 

5.     We Worship, And Serve You, And Seek Your Ministration... 

6.     Guide Us On The Straight Path To The Right Destination... 

7.     A Path Of Those Graced With Divine Commendations... Neither One Of Those Cursed With Wrath And Damnation... Nor One Of The Lost In Erred Deviation. 


I believe that you will find my work of scholarship and art inspirationally useful, especially to our native English speaking brothers and sisters in faith, and folks who are searching for The Truth. Consequently, I believe Allah wants my work to go viral. 

I pray that Allah moves you to help financially support this effort of mine. So, God Willing, please take a little time to do some outreach for me. I know. Most folks are struggling, but if you know anyone who will follow you in donating a little bit more than just a little bit to help me accomplish this mission, please share my campaign page with them. If just ten people donate $1000. I’d have enough to buy online influencer equipment to create a website, a large Zoom channel, a youtube channel, and a blog. But every little bit helps, and I pray Allah rewards those who can just afford to donate $100.00 or even $10.00 towards this effort.

Below you will find a link to my Sound Cloud Page. You can listen and download the work I recorded there FOR FREE whether you donate or not. What’s on my site is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve learned the hard way that composing inspirational content is not good enough. You have to make extra efforts to drive internet users to your site. God Willing. I need your donations to purchase the tools, to set up YouTube channels, blogs, and websites to make my very relevant, unique, and artistic points of view launch towards the viral-sphere. This is not an ego trip. Though I’m not a performer, “I’m on a mission from God” (Blues Brother’s Reference Intended). MaSalam Allahu Yafazakum. 

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