Aid Army Case OF Water Fundraiser

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Aid Army Case OF Water Fundraiser

From Aid Army

Aid Army is a vital 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999 that attempts to moderate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available outreach services for the armed forces population of Philadelphia, PA,

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 I prefer a personal connection with our donors I don't approve of openly posting pictures or disclosing military locations for terrorist prevention techniques sadly that's just the world we live in today.  My goal is to openly assign each donor to a soldier and send pictures or progress reports personally if this sounds like a good charity for you to support contact me at [email protected] 

Aid Army is operated active members of the PA National Guard

to bring resources to soldiers in the field in order to keep them in the fight 

AidArmy is essentially allowing you to make a difference

Aid Army is to assist currently active and retired veterans by improving their quality of life through the following resources and partnering organization. 

  • Employment opportunity: through Pennsylvania Career Link.
  • Housing:  NACA Economic justice through home Ownership 
  • Business Education: Through  Score 
  • Spiritual counseling:
  • Clothing:
  • Credit Repair:
  • Food:

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