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I have been out as trans since I was 16 years old. I spent a long time saving every dime I could to try to get top surgery but in April 2022, I broke my ankle and my entire savings and more went to fixing that. I don’t have a way to crowdfund or get help from others. With the costs and inability to use insurance, even if I saved $50 a month it would be over 20 years before I could afford surgery. I live paycheck to paycheck on a 30k salary and can barely save enough money to pay my bills. Due to my dysphoria I have been binding almost every day for 8 years now. It’s getting harder to deal with the pain of binding and I’m concerned for my health if I’m not able to get surgery soon. I live in Florida where the government makes it less accessible every day. 

This would only cover a portion and likely about half of the full costs of surgery, travel, and care. Please consider donating, even a small contribution helps.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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