Amilie Writes for Voter Turnout

Amilie Writes for Voter Turnout

From Amilie Napier

I'm writing letters to encourage people who don't normally vote to make their voices heard this November. I've written 70 so far and can write another 40-100 per week, but the supplies cost about $0.83 per letter.

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Elections drive the policies and platforms that influence each of our lives as Americans. I believe everyone's voice should be heard, and one of the most fundamental ways to be heard is to vote! If everyone votes, we can ensure that our elected officials truly represent their constituents.

My parents have taken me with them to the polls since I was a little girl, and I've had teachers, mentors, and friends urge me to vote in every election. I'm blessed to have so many people who care about me and encourage me to always make myself heard. Through Vote Forward, I can be that friend to eligible voters throughout the US who don't typically choose to vote.

This grassroots campaign involves sending personal, handwritten letters to eligible voters. In these letters, I share a sentence or two about what voting means to me and urge them to vote in the November election, for whomever they choose.

More information about Vote Forward:

I have written 50 letters so far, and I can commit to writing 40-100 letters per week between now and the big send, but the costs add up. Between the cost of the paper itself, printing, envelopes, and postage, it costs me about $0.83 per letter.

If you would like to sponsor some of my letters, I would appreciate every little bit! If you have a specific message you'd like me to write in the letters you sponsor, let me know. Just be sure to follow the guidelines ( Otherwise, I will include a message of my own.

More donations means I can write and send more letters! I'm happy to contribute however much of my labor is needed*. I would love to send 500 or more!

If you would prefer to write and send your own letters, you can sign up at

A few final notes:

  • Foreign nationals are prohibited by law from donating to any election campaigns, even non-partisan ones like Vote Forward. If you're not a US citizen or permanent resident, please consider donating to a different cause.
  • Full disclosure in case it impacts your decision to donate: Vote Forward receives funding from ActBlue, and while this letter-writing campaign is non-partisan, some of Vote Forward's other actions are pro-Democrat. Your money would go directly to me, but my efforts would support an organization that is technically partisan.
  • I currently don't have any special bonus rewards for higher donation tiers, but I'm open to ideas!

Thank you all so much! And don't forget to cast your own vote this November!

* I will write and send up to 2000 letters, and any extra funds will be donated to the ACLU.

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