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Annmarie is one of the most dedicated and courageous mothers you'll ever meet. She is also a faithful and devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

With so many ways her story could be presented, I settled on a list of her challenges and her accomplishments so you can quickly see how deserving she is of your help:



  • Lyme Disease
  • Dimming and Blurred Vision
  • Debilitating Migraine Headaches
  • Thyroid Cancer Survivor
  • Ongoing Thyroid Problems
  • Ten Surgeries
  • Autoimmune Issues


  • Supporting her children with what little she can earn as a content writer, and freelance writer
  • Ex-husband withholding child support payments contrary to court order
  • Numerous past and ongoing medical expenses


  • Annmarie has continued to teach her children and helped them excel in their academic achievements.  She gave her oldest son every opportunity to advance as far as he could with his musical talents and abilities. As a result, he now has his own business teaching advanced piano and music theory. Her son has been successful because of Annmarie's sacrifice and dedication as his mother.
  • Annmarie is an incredibly capable mathematician and writer and she has been relentless in her continuing efforts to educate her children in these areas and provide them with the tools and preparation they need in order to be competent and self-reliant.
  • Active in her Christian faith, Annmarie gives selflessly of her time and talents as often as she can with all of the other demands that she faces.


Now on top of all of the other challenges in her life, she is facing a custody battle that has been initiated by her ex-husband. When they first separated, Annmarie's ex-husband did not want shared custody, preferring to just have visitation rights. But now he wants full custody.

Why Is Her Ex-Husband Doing This, and why now?

  • With many child support payments having gone unpaid, it's possible that Annmarie's ex-husband is only doing this in order to avoid these payments altogether.
  • He has already shown his determination to pull their children away from their faith. If he gains full custody he will have so much the advantage in achieving his goal.

Annmarie loves her children dearly and she is determined to win this fight for her children's sakes.  But she needs your help to do it. Custody battles can drag out and they are very costly. Annmarie has already met with a lawyer and discovered that the estimated cost for this legal battle will be between $5,000 to $10,000.

You can read about Annmarie's conversion story here: Annmarie At Home

Please help this wonderful mother in her time of need and contribute whatever you can today!

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