The Arianthe & River Inlong College Fund

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The Arianthe & River College Fund

My husband Amado Jun Inlong passed away November 5, 2013 after battling aggressive cancer for almost a year. Jun made me promise to do whatever necessary so his children Arianthe and River will be able to go to college and give them a good foundation in life.

Jun was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer the day after Christmas 2012, and with lymphoma in January 2013. We started chemotherapy right away. With some health setbacks including heart attack, stroke and infections he went into remission. However, the cancer recurred as an aggressive central nervous system lymphoma. Following high dose chemotherapy for 3 months, he once again entered full remission. Jun returned home after being in the hospital and rehabilitation center for almost 3 months. A scan in early October confirmed our biggest fear that chemotherapy and treatment did not eliminate the cancer - His remission only lasted 2 weeks, and during that time, the cancer had already spread again. Following Jun's wishes, and given there were no more treatment options, I tried to make the remaining weeks of his life as comfortable as possible with the help of the great hospice care we were under.

Jun passed away only 3 weeks later - he was at home, surrounded by his family.

We miss you so much...

Marina Lehmann

[email protected]

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