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Nice to meet you! We are Back to School Africa Initiative, a non profit organization that has helped over 2000 unprivileged children in Nigeria to gain access to education and school material supply.

Social issues addressed by Back2School Africa Initiative

In Nigeria, which is Africa's largest economy, the number of children and street children who cannot attend school despite compulsory primary education is over 10 million, which represents the largest number in the world.

Back2School Africa's goal is to reach out to as many children as possible. We are working to save Africa with the power of a weapon called education, one step at a time.

We are moved by our mission: to return 20% of African children who had to leave school for financial reasons to school within five years. You can help us to achieve this goal!

Background: Some information about Nigeria

Nigeria, the country of more than 200 million people, has a GDP per capita of $2,230. Nowadays, Nigeria represents 1/4 of Africa’s economy.

60~70% of Nigerian children attend primary school, and the literacy rate for people over 15 years old is 68%.

About Back2School Africa: the founder

Back2School Africa was founded by Chukwuma Anklin Amadi.

Having lost his father at an early age, Chukwuma had a very difficult time getting a primary, secondary, and college education. However, thanks to his mother's enthusiastic support and a non-profit organization, he was able to obtain a scholarship to attend school. This experience has given him a strong passion to help other young people in similar situations.

He is currently studying for a Master's degree in International Business Administration at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation in Berlin, Germany. His social impact actions have won him awards in Nigeria and abroad, and he is committed to creating a world where every child in Africa has access to education and can achieve their goals.

How Back2School Africa was born

Prior to the founding of Back2 School Africa in 2018, Chukuuma was a government high school teacher at the Army Day Secondary School in Calabar, Nigeria. During this time, he was surprised at the number of children who dropped out of school because his parents couldn't pay the tuition.

There was this child who caught his attention the most: a brilliant girl named Endurance. She was the highest achiever in her class, but had been forced to drop out of school and get married because her widowed mother could not afford the tuition. When Chukwuma found out her situation, he used his own salary to pay for Endurance's schooling and purchase materials until she graduated from high school. This story spread throughout school, and many other children with similar problems asked Chukwuma for some help.

Not only in the school, news of his actions spread throughout the Calabar community and more children and families began to come to him for help, but his salary did not allow him to afford to help all the children.

Then, Chukwuma started posting his activities on social media, and many people loved and supported his work. Over time, more and more people supported his work to help children get an education, and the Back to School Africa Initiative was born. Today, more than 2,000 children have benefited from this organization.

A story of success: The case of Promise

We met Promise, a 10 year old girl, during an event in the area of Araromi, a slum in Nigeria.

Promise was a very bright child that really wanted to go to school, but due to his parents' financial difficulties, she dropped out of school in 3rd grade and had no choice but to work at the farm with her mother.

A turning point for her was her participation in the "Protecting the Future Project" by Back2SchoolAfrica. Promise and 62 other children were selected to participate in the project. Promise, currently studying 5th grade, was the top student in her class.

Promise’s dream is to become a doctor, and Back2SchoolAfrica is supporting her and the other children with scholarships that will help them reach the University level.

Back2SchoolAfrica is very proud to be a part of Promise's success story!

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