Best Man has to travel 2000 miles for the Wedding!!!

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Best Man has to travel 2000 miles for the Wedding!!!

From Matthew Traub

My #1 mate is getting married and he gave me the honor of best man. I live pay check to pay check and cant afford this trip alone. San Diego to Milwaukee.

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My Bestie is getting married in late June. A month prior to that a gathering of close ride or die mates and family summon to the north woods for long walks on mother-nature made lakes and talks of how we will bend destiny to be ours. 

     I have ventured out west to pursue a dream that people told me could not be achieved. Paying for a dream leaves little to save and less to spend on ghastly important items like a pair of plane tickets to Milwaukee for your best mates wedding and pre-wedding send off. I simply don't have enough money to go on this adventure so, I turn to the good nature of some humans out there, with enough spare dough to help this best man make little Kev's wedding. Few men and women receive this noble opportunity bestowed upon them, and with the help of this community Kev's world will be rocked physically, emotionally, and telepathically by my presence. 

      The money will go to plane rides from So Cal to Milwaukee, and lodging for the few days I am there. Karma might be a made up concept to help others sleep or not sleep at night; but since you just read that, now it's been stamped into your memory. If you pass me the love, I will continue to run down my dream, and spread said love on every turn through the journey. Please help support me and my goal of reaching my best buds wedding!  :)

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