Black abaya

Black abaya

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While various abaya colours or styles can make one fit in or stand out, the main function of an abaya is to conceal a woman's figure through religious teachings or their personal modest preferences.

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Aclassic black abaya is the epitome of style,elegance, and sophistication. Even in recent years, despite the abundance of coloured abayas, the classic black abaya has remained the most widely used abaya. This is mainly because of the versatility and elegance that the colour exudes, especially if it is adorned with shimmery black beaded details or sequins.

Manywomen in the Middle East continue to embrace modesttraditions for various reasons and would still wear a simple black abaya or colours with a muted tone. Their abayas could be a plain design ranging from a solid single colour to dual, triple, or multi-coloured tones in neutral colours. Oftentimes, to suit the warm climate, they are made fromnatural materials such as cotton, linen, or lightweight wool for colder months.

While various abaya colours or styles can make one fit in or stand out, the main function of an abaya is to conceal a woman's figure through religious teachings or their personal modest preferences. Some women might define modesty as the choice of colour, while others may define it as bearing one’s skin. Regardless of definitions, the black abaya has always been a preferred choice among modest women, just like how a black dress is perceived.

Why Do Women Wear Black Abaya?

Some women view the colour black as a modest colour as bright colours like red or orange can make you stand out in the crowd. The unwanted attention is usually not what a modest woman would seek. Hence, many modest women choose to wear a black abaya to avoid unnecessary attention.


Why Is Wearing an Abaya Important?

Abayas are designed with a loose and straight fit to conceal a woman's silhouette and bear less skin. It is also designed with a high neckline and ankle-length hem, hence almost covering the entire body. For a woman who chooses to dress modestly for religion or personal preference, an abaya is an important piece of garment as it keeps them fully covered and offers the best coverage without much layering necessary.

Who Wears an Abaya?

Usually, modest women who follow Islamic practices tend to favour the abaya as a clothing option because it conceals the body. But this does not necessarily mean that it is exclusive to this group of women as some modern abayas look like a modern kimono, and these are donned by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

What is Abaya?

Abaya is an outer loose robe or a kimono that is usually worn by modest women. While the word “abaya” may be commonly used in the Middle East, the garment itself is not exclusively for Middle Eastern women because some modern abaya designs can easily be mistaken for a kimono. Some modern abayas can be hard to distinguish from a modern kimono as they can come in similar prints, patterns, colours, and fit.

Why Do Muslims Wear an Abaya?

The abaya is designed with a loose silhouette andprovides extra coverageas it is a full garment that drapes from the shoulders to the wrists and ankles. Hence, when wearing an abaya, less skin is exposed and the silhouette is coveredmaking it ideal tohide a women’s body for modesty reasons, whether it is because of religion or personal preference.Nevertheless, an abaya can be worn on its own like a dress or thrown over a sleeveless top and trousers. No matter how it is styled, the main purpose is to expose less skin. On the other hand, wearing an abaya also provides comfort as they are loose and flowy –– imagine wearing body-hugging clothes in warm climates!

How to stylea Black Abaya? If you are wearing a black abaya, accessories matter because they may make or break an outfit. While it is true that you can never go wrong with black, accessories play a big role from making it look fancy to casual. For instance, if you style it with vibrant eye-catching colours like neon or orange, itwould be a terrific way to display your style because black would make these colours pop. Some abayas may include a belt, but if they don’t, you can simply cinch its waist with a thin sash to emphasize the waistline which would instantly alter your look.

The easiest way to pull off an abaya is when it is paired with neutral colours and tones like beige, white, and brown. This would ensure that your outfit can easily transition from day to night without needing to change. You can also choose to match the abaya's embroidery orembellishments to your accessories.And if you are layering your black abaya over another outfit, keep it simple on the inside so that your abaya and accessories can do all the talking.


Thanks to the endless options that are readily available online today, the black abaya has progressivelytaken up different forms in terms of cut, fabric, and style. While one of the most common abayas is usually black, mainstream fashion has played a part in altering how a typical black abaya would ordinarily look, which only means that there is a vast option of black abayas that will suit your fancy.Whether you are celebrating a special event, looking for something casual to wear daily, or going out with your friends, there will be a black abaya to suit these different occasions. It boils down to what your style is because while there are many elegant black abayas, there are also hooded ones, some embellished with sequins, or embroidered with floral details.

Regardless of what your style is, some may continue to embrace the traditional plain black for various reasons, while others may want to explore beyond the conservative styles. If you are looking for an abaya in a different colour or print, it is now easier than ever to find something to suit your style. No matter your preference, the array of options available online will leave you spoilt for choice. Just be sure to own a few pieces of black abayas or coloured ones in different designs because by doing so, you would have something for different occasions.






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