Black Lives Matter-Europe

Black Lives Matter-Europe

From Christiano Ttsgk

This is a crowdfunding for the brown people that lost their jobs in our country because of coronavirus, and they can't live properly because of racism.

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Greetings, I'm from europe, I have a lot of friends that I associate with from africa, I wish to offer my respect to the people in united states that fight for their lives and their rights. And follow their example. But unfortunately the movement hasn't reached the less developed countries of europe yet. And the racism here is accepted as a natural mindset and something that makes sense.

The guys in the picture are my friends, we used to write songs together, dance together, smile together, smoke together. I am the one who took the picture for them. They're currently unemployed and live in poverty, and everyday it just seems worse and worse for them, yet they never lose their smile.

They are my friends, we know each other for years, they are some of the best and most kind hearted people i ever met, when they first came to our country after a lot of difficulties, racism, solitude, they managed to prove that they're good people and that racism towards them was unfair and irrational, but sadly after coronavirus they lost their jobs, and they haven't been able to find new ones since then. 

The racism got even worse after the spread of coronavrius in our country, because employers would assume that because they're black and the coronavirus spread in united states a lot, they're posing danger as both individuals or potential hosts for the virus.

So we decided to start a fundraiser for them, so we can give them a second chance, and also show that their lives matter and that this world does care about them. Every single help is appreciable, please show your support, or at least spread the message, together we might change something.

Thank you for understanding, racism in our country is still very strong, but I truly believe that we can make a change.

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