On a Mission to Belize

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On a Mission to Belize

From Bree Love

I'm raising money to support my mission to Belize. This mission will assist local builders and families to construct a house from start to finish.

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I'm super excited announce that I have been chosen to attend a mission trip this May 2019 in Belize representing Saint Xavier University.

During this week long, intense, volunteer service, myself along with other students will collaborate with local builders and families to construct a new home from start to finish.

A little about me…. 

All my life I've been a daddy's girl.  My mom is dope too, but my dad raised me to care for people.  When I was 8 I moved into a prodiminately white neighborhood, where I was one of the only black kids on the block.  While I had neighbors on one side who allowed their children to play with me, the neighbors on the other side made it clear that they didn't want their child playing with this little black girl. This was my first encounter with racism.  My father didn't teach me to be hateful, but instead he encouraged me to be proud to be black, but also embrace other people. Daily he reminded me of those tears that he wiped because someone judgement of me by the color of my skin and not my personality or ability. He taught me that I needed to be an example of what a black woman would later display in America.  This experience inspired me to get uncomfortable and unapologetically insert myself in places that my face could be a standard.  For this reason, I was inspired to join the United States Air Force and discover unchartered territories.

With just over a year of service, I was deployed to the Middle East, immediately following the September 11th attacks.  Serving as a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom was an experience that one would believe would bring fear and discomfort.  However this actually brought a new understanding of people.  

Being too familiar with the unfavorable narratives the media creates regarding  Middle Easterners and Muslims, I was certainly terrified to leave US soil.  During this 6 month deployment, I received the honor to work side by side with not only fellow soldiers but Middle Easterners, Indians, Nigerian, and Filipinos creating a curiosity in me to learn more about others.  Building relationships with people of different backgrounds allowed me to find the peace and courage to take advantage of the moment.  This diverse group started sharing pictures of their wives and children back home and we engaged in conversation about their home life, which taught me that they were just like me, just born on the other side of the globe.

This was the single most life changing experience that I have endured during my 35 years of life, but I believe there is more to uncover by serving the people of Belize.  

Today I'm asking for your support.  In addition to your spiritual contributions, I am requesting monetary contributions to support my mission to Belize.  Every dollar donated to my campaign will directly contribute to my travel, lodging and experience. During my time in Belize, I plan to soak up the native culture and add more tools to my tool belt allowing me to captivate the voice and heart of South America. 

Your donation means a lot to me, and each donation (no matter the size) will receive a post card upon my return with a photo from the trip, and custom message of gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you again for your support!  I can't wait to share my experience with you!

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