Bringing Books to Life

Bringing Books to Life

From Megan Whitmer

Believe in yourself and in one's dreams? Ah, the adventure of life is here!! As the budding author embarks on her journey to reach the lives of millions through the written word, her story is just beginning...

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Standing on the brink of desperation and exhaustion?  So many of us are frustrated as we are unable to pinpoint why we continue to be so easily triggered these days.  Progress feels more like a dance-in place with our two steps forward, one step back patterns of progress.  

Whether we are sitting behind the wheel ripping into the people in cars we have dehumanized in traffic, or fighting guilt when we are chronically fatigued dealing with family or friends, the truth is that we are often on edge, and almost subconsciously.  We find ourselves too busy or burdened or afraid to acknowledge that the patterns we have weaved have wrapped like scar tissue around the cracks in our souls.  These cracks with scar tissue, if left untreated, easily spreads over the course of months and years and damages the very foundation on which we built our understanding of life. 

While I was certainly watching as the world was swept with a global pandemic, and events took place that divided even a the tightest of kin, I understand the true feelings of some things being just too difficult to unpack. It is because of that, I understand the need for this book is now more than ever.  It is time we air out the metaphoric masks, face our truths, and learn to breathe a little easier.  The world around us changes when you do.

I invite you to allow a breakthrough or a beam of hope, if you will, to reach into the depths and awaken your spirit.  Acknowledge the possibility of healing as well as reunifying with those that hold space in your heart.  Breathe life into the very core of who you are and learn the potential we each possess, embracing your uniqueness of trauma, pain and experiences, and learn to rise because of them.  

Today is the day to bring this book to life that will lead you into this transformative phase of immense self-love, profound peace, and an intense satisfaction of the life you live.  

Blessings to all!

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