Help fight unjust family legal proceedings

Help fight unjust family legal proceedings

From Sarah Batulis

Attorney fees for an Iraq war veteran fighting DHS who unjustly took kids from home

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hello, my name is sarah and i am here to ask for help with paying for a private attorney to help me get my kids back from dhs. i need $7500 to hire him for entire proceedings. i am an Iraqi war veteran with ptsd and have trouble with night terrors and anger control issues. i got into an argument with my boyfriend and lost my temper and broke things in my house and hit him. my anger was never directed at my kids. i left that night and was going to come back the next day when i calmed down but the cops were called and even though we have been together 3 years and my kids consider him their step dad he isn't a legal guardian and because of that dhs took them. say first they refused to give them back because i was possibly facing charges for hitting boyfriend but he refused to press charges so therefore they have not filed any charges against me. they have had my kids now for two months and i have been begging them to just come to my house, get to know me, investigate me, my home, everything and they will see that i am not an abusive parent. the lawyer they appointed me keeps telling me there is nothing he can do and we just need to do what they say. i had court today and while sitting in the hall before court he comes out of the courtroom and jokes with dhs about me, asking if they had met me yet and jokes that i am a difficult one. he isn't even on my side. all i have asked is that they get to know us as a family and then decide what happens, not keep them from me without any evidence of any kind of abuse or neglect. i got the judge to issue a continuance by dismissing that lawyer as my lawyer. i have spoken to a family law office who is willing to help me but i need help with the cost, please, my kids are my everything and i need them back home. They both want to come home so bad. please help me get my babies back. i have been in therapy for my anger management for months prior to all this happening, i was already trying to be better for my family. we need to be together to heal together. my daughter is 15 and my son is 13. they are old enough to understand what i go through with my ptsd and know i didn't mean to break things and that i am sorry. they love me and just want to come home. i am willing to do whatever they ask, but keeping my kids from me and saying that i neglected or abused them is wrong. please help me bring them home.  

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