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My mother is Terminal and has been battling thyroid and lung cancer for several years now. She was Diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in 2017 and had to have a complete thyroid removal. She had over 48+ Lymph noids removed in her body and the cancer From the thyroid had moved from her neck area down close to her heart. The surgery was performed at OHSU in Portland Oregon 

With a team of 21 doctors that day. The surgery was 8+ hours. She underwent Treatment with radiation and was cancer free for about 2 years afterthe surgery and treatment. The cancer then came back and she then found out Not only was the thyroid cancer back, but she also had lung cancer in both lungs. She didn't want to go back on Radiation treatment or chemotherapy because the treatment is so hard on the body as it is and makes one fill so sick as it is done and she didn't want to go through with it all again even tho we the family felt different with that decision she made that day. But we respected her choice and decision as it' is her body. Many who are going through cancer understand this decision for why she picked it. She is on hospice and She has been such a fighter through this all and in good spirit but you can see what this has done to her and the pain she is going through. She had a lung collapse and is on Oxygen Hospice nurses come out three times a week and doing all that they can for her and bringing her what she needs. Her time is any time, My parents are on Section 8 housing and on a fixed income. my father is on disability. And My mother is unable to get Life Insurance or even burial insurance. We have tried and looked into it. Her wishes are to be Buried. We are trying to put funds together for Burial expenses. This is somthing no one wants to have to do or think about during this time but its something that has to be done. I don't think anyone is ever truly ready to have to face somthing like this. But our life is on Borrowed time and no day is guaranteed in this life. Life is a gift from the giver of life that can be taken at any time. Each day we are alive, we are thankful for the gift we have been given.     

Anything helps and please share , we are beyond greatful for any help given. More then words them self can express.  

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