Can Anti-Bird Netting be Installed During London’s Nesting S

Can Anti-Bird Netting be Installed During London’s Nesting S

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Spring is the time when everybody starts to get their gardens and property ready for the summer. After the harsh winter, it is time to tidy up trees, plants and hedges, as well as make a start on any renovation work. The brighter weather brings a renewed sense of motivation, allowing you to get outdoor jobs done.

You might have noticed that birds are plentiful around your London property. This might be in stark contrast to this time last year. Indeed, this can arouse suspicion, and you may be wondering why this is happening. There are a number of reasons for this change. It could be due to food and water sources or simply a flock of birds like the security your property offers. Either way, know that birds can bring various problems with them.

Birds carry diseases, and if you have a family, this is not something you want. They can also be messy, leaving guano everywhere and this can be slippery. What’s more, they can wake you up in the morning with the noise they make. You want to make sure that you are proactive and prevent the problems from starting.

Many London homes are investing in anti-bird netting as the solution. But, people want to know whether this can be done during the nesting season. So, we have put together this guide for assistance.

When is the Nesting Season in London?

Know that the nesting season is similar for all parts of the UK. Hence, birds in London will nest during the months of spring and summer. The weather starts to improve during this time, and you can see an abundance of birds emerging after winter. Indeed, you can hear them in the trees and flying around. It is possible for some birds to nest as early as February. However, this depends on the species, the weather and food availability. The common months for birds nesting are March to August.

Can You Install Anti-Bird Netting During the Nesting Season?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes. You can install anti-bird netting during the nesting season. Often, this will become apparent to homeowners and business owners that they could have a bird problem during this time. Indeed, anti-bird netting London is an effective way of protecting your buildings throughout the year. As long as you act quickly and carry out some investigation beforehand, it is safe for installation during nesting season. For example, Apex Bird Control offers a professional service that can take care of the installation for you. This is going to allow a bespoke design for your property and protect it from roosting and nesting.

However, something you must be aware of is whether you have a nest on your property or not. If this is located where you are going to be installing anti-bird netting, this is where you could have obstacles. The best solution is to contact an expert bird control company. They can come to your property and check whether you have nests and the best installation time.

What Happens If There Is a Nest on Your Building?

If it is discovered that there is a nest on your building, you have to realise that it is protected by law. There is legislation in the UK that means you cannot remove or destroy this nest if it is active. Even if it is just in the stages of getting built, it cannot be touched. Therefore, you will not be able to take any action.

Before you can remove a bird’s nest, you have to ensure that it is empty. Therefore, it has to be free from any birds and eggs. It should be out of use, and no birds return to the nest. You will have to monitor this situation to ensure this is the case before trying to remove it. The problem is that nests tend to be high up on buildings, which means you cannot view them properly. It is best to contact a bird control company and they can advise you on the best action to take.

Therefore, it is crucial that you wait until the nest on the building is vacant and not being used. This is when it is going to be legal to remove it. Often, this can happen during the winter. Then, once this has happened, you will be able to install anti-bird netting on your building. By the time it gets to the next nesting season, you will not have the same problem.



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