Those Three Words - "You Have Cancer"

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Let's be honest....  this whole year has just gone from bad to worse.  After having to reschedule my annual physical due to COVID, I finally got in.  A handful of visits later, the conversation had changed.  The treatment plan included scary words like "hysterectomy," "chemotherapy," "radiation," and 62% 5 year survival rate.  

I don't have time for this.  I don't have energy for this. I am a mom to two VERY precocious boys (18 and 3). I am a wife.  I run a fitness studio, work as a full time IT Project Manager, and work as a part time Crisis Advocate (Rape and Abuse Crisis Center).  I am a full time student working on a PhD in Neuropsychology. I have a dog, three cats, a hedgehog, and a fish (well, the toddler has a fish). I'm tapped out, and I hate asking for help. 

That said, I burned through my ENTIRE HSA in one month. Plus some. An HSA that was supposed to support my family of four - not just me.  And while I'm fortunate enough to have fantastic insurance and benefits, because my boss is amazing, it's not going to be enough to deal with all those things that just pop up.  

So....  I'm doing the hard thing, and asking for help.  Funds will be used to support medical bills and related expenses.  I promise I won't do anything crazy like take a vacation, buy new shoes, or go skydiving.  

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