Car Shipping Do’s And Don’t: Everything You Need To Know

Car Shipping Do’s And Don’t: Everything You Need To Know

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Is this your first time hiring a car shipping company? Or Are you looking for ways to learn about the shipping process? If yes, this article can help you in many ways.


Shipping your car is the most convenient and easiest way to transport your vehicles from one location to another. Through the car shipping process, you can transfer your shipping responsibilities to shipping professionals and enjoy peace of mind. However, it is crucial to stay prepared and informed to avoid getting involved with misleading and fraudulent service providers.


This article will walk you through some significant dos and don’ts to follow when booking your shipment for a short-distance, interstate, or international shipping service. Always hire services from a shipping company with more than five years of experience and a good reputation in the marketplaces.



Car Shipping Do’s


Here are a few things you should always follow when hiring services from a car shipping company.


1. Do research


Always begin by researching various shipping companies to understand their services and market reputation. Research can help learn a lot about the service provider and assist in making sound decisions. Look for information about their past services, brand image, and more learn vital facts about their business. If possible, check their social media accounts and other business profiles to know their staff and work culture.


2. Do ask relevant questions


Asking relevant questions will allow you to test their knowledge about their industry and make sound decisions throughout. You can ask questions about their business experience, staff qualifications, safety measures, types of services offered, shipping trailers/trucks used, and more to understand the service provider. A good and genuine service provider will never hesitate to answer all your questions with the utmost professionalism and attention.


3. Do read online reviews


One of the best ways to have detailed information about the service provider is to read online reviews. Several reviewing websites offer detailed and informative reviews about different car shipping companies in the market. They discuss their shipping experiences considering various factors involved in the process. Ensure to beware of fake and misleading reviewing websites. Read more than one review to determine fakes and fraudulent websites.


4. Do prepare your vehicle


You can prepare your vehicles by running a quick maintenance and inspection check on your cars. Shipping companies tend to charge extra money for shipping vehicles that are severely damaged or not in good condition. If you have not used your vehicle for a long time, run a maintenance check to avoid paying additional fees to transport your vehicle from one place to another.



Car Shipping Don’ts


Now let us look at some critical factors to avoid during your shipping process.


1. Don’t leave personal belongings


Shipping companies usually take no responsibility for protecting your personal belongings during transit. Hence, you should always avoid leaving your personal belongings inside your vehicles. To prevent your valuable auto parts from getting misplaced, mark them with permanent markers, stick strong adhesive stickers, or, if possible, remove them before shipment. This way, you can avoid theft or damage-related issues with your belongings.


2. Don’t hire an unlicensed company


A shipping license usually means the government permits the company to perform shipping activities across a specific territory. It also means that the company conducts business activities following the rules and regulations imposed by the government authorities. A good and trustworthy company will never hesitate to show customers its service license and registration certificate.


3. Don’t forget to take before and after photos


Lastly, don’t forget to take before and after pictures of vehicles. Taking pictures before and after the shipment process will allow you to determine the damages or injuries that occurred on your car during transit.


Hopefully, this article helped you learn vital facts about certain dos and don’ts to consider during shipping. Follow all the above-mentioned facts to get the most out of your services. 

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