Care for Mama Cat

Care for Mama Cat

From Kristin Vega

I am trying to raise funds to help pay for veterinary care for a stray cat, lovingly called "Mama Cat" to lead to adoption.

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I am trying to get funding for a loving stray cat named "Mama Cat", who is in need of medical care for herself and newborn kittens.

We've lived here for about two years now and I have bonded with the various strays in the area. I set out dry cat food and clean water for them each day and provide love and TLC. They have a blanket for when it gets cold, nests for strays in need and toys for the kittens. Most strays come and go. Mama Cat has been the longest patron and is in need of help I cannot afford.

She is loving and gentle and is always ready to be pet and scratched and will reward you with a strong purr.

She very recently had kittens (we suspect this happened about three days ago). She showed up today for some food and love, which is when I noticed she had mastitis.

-What is mastitis?-

Mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland) occurs when the lactating queens mammary gland(s) becomes inflamed, blocked or infected. 

This can be severe to the point where the queen can't nurse her kittens and is quite painful. It requires antibiotics and ongoing care for both the mother cat and her newborns.

I am hoping to raise money so I can take her and her newborns to a veterinarian for treatment. I also want to make sure she and her babies receive all necessary shots, eventual spaying when she is healthy enough, and lead to adoption to a "forever" home for all involved.

"Why not take her to a shelter?"

Our local humane society went out of business and closed. The closest shelter is a "kill shelter", where most animals not adopted within days are euthanized. I don't want to do that to her.

I would love to adopt her into my family and will gladly embrace her if my adoption efforts fail.

Any donation amount is whole-heartedly appreciated. All donations will go directly to her care. If there is excess I will donate it to a local charity for animal care.

Please help me help Mama Cat and her kittens.

Thank you.

**For every donation of $10, you have the choice of receiving a pair of earrings, custom made by me. They will be glass beads with either a post-back or hook-type. You need to specify your favorite two colors and type of backing.

$25 donation will entitle you to either a choker length (14-16 inches) beaded necklace (glass beads, your choice of lobster clasp or hook and eye closure) OR a pair of earrings. Specify up to three favorite colors and closure type.

$30 or more will get you a matching set (necklace and earrings!). Again, specify up to three colors and closure.

Biggest donation will earn a beautiful custom necklace and earring set with Swavorski crystals!

One offer per donator. US shipping included!

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