Caring for Autistic Twins

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Hi, a year ago me and my husband decided to agree to take care of my daughters ex-friends twins. We did this blindly thinking it will only be for a few months. The story we received was that she'd been homeless since she was pregnant and was requesting for my daughter who is an adult and was pregnant with her second child who later we found out has autism as well as her first. She truly could not afford to do this. So after the twins were born she heard nothing else about it but she deemed my daughter the God-mother because she helped her with food and diapers and clothes for her and the boys when she could. My daughter continued to keep up with her because she had a history of giving her children up to strangers. The boys would make 3 and 4 of her children. My daughter came to me with the story once she was told she was living in a tent in Florida on the side of the highway. She nor I could stand to hear of it. So me and husband decided to take the boys in for 6 months so mom could get herself together. During that time she nothing she said she would. She did not call she did not respond to texts but instead posted on Facebook about her going out, singing on the beach, hanging out with friends in clubs at work but still living on the street. When she finally did call it was random and the boys were sleeping for the night. I didnt hear from her several weeks later. When she finally did call to speak to them they freaked out seeing her and refused to speak to her. The last thing I have heard from her was she has been pregnant 2 mores times and had either an abortion or miscarriage and also spent time trying to take her own life because her boyfriend didnt want her. It is sad to say like her other children that were given away and adopted she does not have the twins on her to do list. We have not heard from her since. Now we have agreed it would be in the best interest for us to adopt the boys. At this point the boys have appointments everyday and many therapist that either come to their daycare or to our house. One twin has problems eating which causes other things to go wrong, the other twin has emotional and behavioral issues. We do have our hands full. We are simply asking for help with get the adoption process done and possibly helping with small adaptive things they need such as a harness and helmet and tent bed for them. We really need more space because they are getting big but we will make due until we can do better. To anyone that helps we are greatly appreciative to all help. You can send all payments to my paypal at @jadeluvs 

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