Championing Support for Families Embroiled w/ Family Courts

Championing Support for Families Embroiled w/ Family Courts

From Mai-Kim Dang

We are raising money so mothers who are working to free their children from CPS have the ability to pay for costs i.e. filing documents in higher courts, USPS mail, funds for printers and ink, travel expenses.

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Before 2018 I was not aware that there was any criminal activity or human rights violation occurring in family courts.  I was not aware that there was such thing as admissible hearsay, that one could be forced to take all recommendations from a doctor by court order, or that knowing how to properly change a diaper could be part of the reason if not the reason to terminate parental rights.  I had never heard of accusations being grounds to take a healthy infant, or an entire family of children from a home and put them in homes of strangers and that these foster parents would have more rights than parents.

When I became aware how vulnerable women and their children were due to a predatory social welfare system and the family courts  I began using my art background to start conversations around what was happening.  I still have a long ways to go.  On any given day a mother and her children are suffering huge losses due to the reckless, malicious, and ambitious nature of greedy persons that abuse their position to help those in need.

With only creativity for a year I did everything I could think of to show families they were neither alone, nor should they back down from exercising and defending their rights.  As the work becomes more complex and involved we needed to reach the community for funding.  We need to continue documenting these stories, we also need to expand and recruit additional volunteers as we  have the capacity to handle only a very small number of cases at a time.

The American Public has to become aware that the current foster care system is one that deprives both children and parents, and has with malice separated countless homes, and caused irreparable damages.  Thousands of children who have died in foster care over the years.  We see ourselves as abolitionists - the prison system that generates wealth off of human beings is very similar to family courts. 

Mothers are having their children taken away the day of their birth for non criminal offenses.  Its time the public makes demands.  In the meantime we have families who need our constant watchful eye, advise, and friendship. 

We pray that we will raise the money to continue our efforts.

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