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I was saved from my former life, used to be a sex worker (OF and camgirl) right when I was considering becoming an escort God reached my heart and I quit 5 days ago. Unfortunately, I was left unemployed, and I didn't save any of the income I had before, I was materialistic and spent everything on fancy sushi and going out to show my lifestyle. Maybe I was not meant to keep such money since it didn't come from God, now I trust that I'm taken care of either way.

I'm starting a new life, far away from anything that brings me bad feelings, I asked for forgiveness and forgave everything from my past. I'm starting a career as a freelancer while I study to apply for colleges and in the future go to law school.

I have late bills overdue, I was depressed and sick for months, I'm nearly without energy and internet and ran out of food and that's why I'm seeking help. If you want to donate, I'll deeply appreciate it, if you just want to pray for me, I'll pray for you as well, if you want to use your donation as a way to hire me for my skill, I'd be honored to be of service.

The amount will be used for my bills and to buy me an iPad for my studies and work, as I want to get into illustration as well, mostly to procreate

Thank you for the attention, God bless.

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