Safe Drinking Water & Latrines for Boiwoin

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Boiwoin is a village located in  Deiwoin Distirct,   in the western region of Liberia - 20 miles from the  Nation's capital - Monrovia.  It has a population of approximately 1,200 inhabitants comprising of mostly  women children/youths, and the elderly. it has been in existence as back as  the 1800's (prior to  Liberia becoming a Nation in 1847).  Due to the low  SES (Social Economic Status)  of this village, it  lacks  some of  the very  essential elements of  healthy daily  living such as  Safe  & clean Drinking Water, Latrines and access to health care.

Currently the inhabitants are constrained to drink unclean stream water,  constantly esposed to the danger of wild animals/reptiles and or fall victims of injures,  as they go in high bushes to 'find relief' ( use the toilet).  

As a result of drinking unsafe/unclean  water  there continues to be a high prevelence  of  diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid fever, E-coli, amongst the village's  inhabitants. Furthermore, the villagers, constantly fall victims to injuries  from wild animals/reptiles as a result of going to into the  high bushes to use the toilet.   

With  the inception fo covid-19 coupled the these  conditions mentioned, the mortality rate in Boiwoin continues to be on the increase. 

We are therefore lunching this campaign to raise funds to construct four well pumps (safe drinking water) and four  community Latrines (with six stalls each) with the aim of preventing diseases, injuries  and enhancing healthy living, the personal safety  and dignity of the inhabitants of  Boiwoin.   

Please join us by donating toward this life changing and health promotion  initiative. 

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