Cloudname has developed a dashboard that tells you everythin

Cloudname has developed a dashboard that tells you everythin

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Cloudname has developed a dashboard that tells you everything you need to know!

The latest developments from Cloudname have created an intuitive, user-friendly and data-driven dashboard that people will love.

Filters and search options

So let’s dive into the different filters and search options you can find when using the Cloudname marketplace dashboard.

  • Traditional/Crypto: You can choose to search through the full list of traditional domains on the market place, or the full list of crypto domains currently being traded. Instantly shift your focus based on your personal domain name goals.

  • Emoji and Premium domains: You can choose to filter out domains that are either emoji or premium domains. Conversely, if you’re aiming to invest in these then a quick click of the button and you will see only this type.

  • Eight filters: You can choose to filter your search results by an impressive eight further filters. Ranging from name length, to price and domain age you can really narrow down your focus to your exact requirements with minimal effort.

Information on the dashboard

The developers at Cloudname have not only thought about how to help users find available domains, but also what information they’d want to see once the domains have been found.

When looking at the marketplace dashboard, what really stands out is how clearly you can compare information on different domains without needing to scroll lots or click through massive amounts of screens.

At a first glance, once you’ve performed your search you will get the following pieces of information:

  • A full domain name in a clear font so you don’t miss anything

  • A price for that domain in a range of currencies including USD, EUR and cryptocurrencies

  • A rent price for any domains that are available to rent, perfect for those wanting to find a domain for their new business.

  • An estimated value based on extensive API integrations and AI calculations to help you spot a good deal instantly.

  • An estimated value trend field to help see how the value has been trending over a set period of time and not just right in that moment.

  • A more button to really dive deeper into the domain itself to see the sellers details, further analytics and more.

Why does this dashboard transform the domain trading experience?

Some people may think that other trading platforms offer similar features! Whilst this is true, some do provide a selection of data for you to use on their dashboard, Cloudname have combined key information with search and filter options to really make it easy to find what you want.

The world of domain names can be a tough place to navigate, particularly if you’re unsure about what type of extension to go for, how much a domain costs compared to its market value etc. By taking the time to understand what customers want and tailor the dashboard accordingly, it strips away a lot of this uncertainty.

For all those people out there wanting to add to their investment portfolio, or even start an investment portfolio then domain name trading is a great choice. It is an alternative type of asset to traditional shares and real-estate, and as a result it helps you diversify. However, with all investment comes risk and a dashboard like the one of Cloudname helps mitigate some of this risk by focusing on data and research, over simply trying to make money.

Take a moment to explore the platform and you will see just how inventive and supportive it is.

Who are Cloudname?

Made up of a team of pioneers in the world of domain trading, app development and cryptocurrency. They have a passion for changing the approach to online investments. Working together effortlessly, at the heart of every decision and update to the platform is a commitment to making domain trading more rewarding, more intuitive and more data-driven.

Join the community at Cloudname today and start using the first truly all-in-one domain trading platform!

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