College Student in need of College funds

College Student in need of College funds

From Serafina Medina

I am raising money for my college journey. COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult to pay for my classes. I am so close to finis Any and all forms of help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, my name is Serafina Medina and I am a Biology Major.

I was always told College was important after High School, so after graduating in Honors, I went to College. I couldn't afford to transfer right out of a four-year university, but nonetheless I studied till all my general education was done. I knew I was passionate about art, but my parents always told me they never wanted to see me as a "starving artist" or live paycheck by paycheck. I was determined to finding out what my career path was but in the end, my parents chose a career for me when I finally transferred to University. Health Care Administration, it was stable but no where near what I wanted to do with my life. I pursued this for a year to make my family proud, but I was miserable doing it.

Some time later, I was running errands with my family that we ran into an old work friend. She majored in Art History but was working at an olive oil shop. And it hit me, she was happy in the decision she made with her degree, and maybe she isn't happy with where she is right now but she was taking the steps to reach happiness. What was I doing? Going to school for someone else, having to pay my debt for a degree I'm not even passionate about? Oh gosh, I had wasted a whole year of University.

I talked to several counselors at the school, so so SO much soul searching, and now finally I came to a beautiful discover. I wanted to study Biology with a concentration in Forensics. Macabre I know but I was always fascinated in true crime and helping people find closure in possibly their most grim moments. I changed majors and was so happy, I made a decision for myself that was something for me.

I didn't tell my family right away, I know that sounds backwards, as you may think they'd be happy about this, but they are the parents poke holes in your dreams or ideas until you give in to what they want. I wish things were different. I wish I had a relationship with my family to tell them right away. I wish I had known what I wanted to be right from the get.

After a year of taking Biology courses, I finally told my family.

I moved out maybe three months later. Our differences in ideas for my life did not meet eye to eye. I moved closer to school and now I have five classes left till I am all done with my Bachelor's degree.

I am so so close, so this fundly is for allowing me to finish off the rest of my schooling without being dropped from my classes.

Thank you all that can share this, or donate.

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