From Ralph Bishop

Our FREEDOM, our DEMOCRACY, and our COUNTRY is under attack by the feckless,, weak, and CORRUPT politicians in Washington! It is time to get rid of the 'leadership" in our corrupt political system!!!!!

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We are a small and growing group of men and woman who believe in our COUNTRY, and the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!  Our leadership has failed us - they are corrupt, lie to us, and do not represent our core values. McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris are corrupt and are lining their pockets everyday at our expense! PLEASE READ THE BOOK IN THE LINK  BELOW!!!!

We have lost thousands of businesses, our citizens are muzzled by unending government censure and the media!  The political elite has forgotten WHO THEY WORK FOR! THE  'DO AS I DO' HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE 'DO AS I SAY' 

It is time for change - not only in both the political party's, but in how we the PEOPLE return to government by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, and of the PEOPLE! 

We encourage you to donate to the Patriot Party, where our first act of taking control of our lives is to initiate a lawsuit against congress for return of the money WE PAID THEM last year where they did absolutely NOTHING!! We will return this money from the lawsuit back to those courageous business owners who lost their lively hoods while these feckless politicians continued to get paid for NOT WORKING!

We believe:

  • In one GOD, and the freedom to worship HIM however we wish!
  • We always say "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" - HE has blessed this country in so many ways!
  • Our Flag means something to our Nation, Our People, and our Freedom!
  • We support our troops - and those who gave their lives so we can stay FREE!
  • Build and Buy AMERICAN - not Chinese, Korean, or any other country!
  • Say ' MERRY CHRISTMAS" - it is our RIGHT!
  • Always respect our police, firemen, and first responders 

GOD BLESS and more to come! If you do not want to donate to our cause but want join----PLEASE DO SO!

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