Cool and Exciting Fundraising Ideas

Cool and Exciting Fundraising Ideas

From Imran Ali

Competition can create a lot of fun if you set up the right games. You can throw a fundraiser with all sorts of games.

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Fundraising can get a little stale, and the moment it does, you might end up having trouble raising funds or getting people excited. The key is to always keep things fresh, fun, and exciting, which is what the following ideas are meant to help you with.

The Talent Show

One of the most interesting fundraising ideas you can do is a talent show. The key here is to get kids or people in the community involved who want to do something interesting. You can sell the tickets and some merchandise or snacks during the event to maximize your fundraising. The more involved the community is, the more people will want to support and see their friends or family members performing.

A Community Dance

A community dance is another fun and exciting idea out of all the fundraising ideas out there. This is another community-based idea that can give people in your community a chance to have fun and give you a chance to make money for your organization. You want to make sure you create something memorable, work with volunteers, and make sure you have food, snacks, and drinks to sell during the event. You will need to sell the tickets, and promote the dance as much as you can.

Throwing a Tournament

Competition can create a lot of fun if you set up the right games. You can throw a fundraiser with all sorts of games. Now, there are going to be a lot of people in your community, so try to set up games that everyone can enjoy, like a tournament for video gamers and a tournament for people who like to play pool. The more games you set up, the more people will participate. Now, you can plan it so that the individuals who gather up the most wins in the games win something, or you can just give them trophies that they can take back home.

A Genuine Cook-Off

There are a lot of ways to go about starting a cook-off. You can make a few specific dishes, like chili or some kind of pie or dessert, or you can simply choose one dish. You are going to charge people to register, and visitors will pay a small fee to buy a ticket. Now, you are going to have to make sure you have a panel of people who know a thing or two about cooking so that they can rate each dish fairly. It's also important that you keep in mind allergies, and ask cooks to list all of their ingredients just to be safe.

Auction Action

Auctions are always fun and you can get volunteers to donate items of value that other folks can bid on. Now, people can auction off a lot of things, including more unconventional items. Sure, you can have people bid on things like antiques or video games, but you can also make things a little more fun, like auctioning off a date with a few locals. These are fun little additions that won't cost you anything and should be pretty fun for the guests. As a precaution, if you are going to auction off dates, make sure you have enough volunteers in the audience who can bid, just in case your guests don't bid on someone there.

A Serve-a-Thon

What you are going to be doing here is simply asking your volunteers about the kind of chores they are willing to do for others. Then, start knocking on doors to see what chores people are willing to pay for. It could be anything, from organizing a garage to helping someone move. The possibilities are endless, and the more your volunteers are willing to do, the better your fundraising drive will be. As a bonus, this idea helps the people in your community as well.

There is a lot on this list that could work for you. Hopefully, these ideas help you think outside the box when you set up your next fundraising adventure.

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