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Fundraising is a complex process for any area of business. The simpler and more convenient it is, the easier it is to earn money and maintain customer loyalty. First, you need to work out the organization of skills and develop a strategy. Then create the perfect web templates that will provide you with a more personalized and targeted fundraising approach.

It all starts with a strategy

First, you need to develop a strategy. To do this, use a plan with 7 easy steps:

These steps can be tailored to suit any organization and different initiatives.

Benefits of fundraising templates

The main advantage of templates is that it simplifies the formation, publication and the process of collecting funds. They can be used directly without additional manipulation or use the information attached to them.

Many nonprofits are afraid to use peer-to-peer fundraising. In fact, it is a useful tool that templates can be used to embed important information, organize discussion, and add to your overall strategy.

Plus, templates are a huge time saver. For example, in the context of an important meeting, it will be convenient for you to provide a ready-made template to your partners and / or volunteers, which will speed up the process of closing a deal.

Sample templates

"Thank you" is the first message to send right after a person has sent a donation. It is an easy way to thank someone for their support. You can also use it to inform him that the funds have been received, and in the next message you will send a full receipt.

The thank you message can be of any kind, but it is better if it is personalized. For example, "Thank you John for your contribution to our development!"

A message with information about the donation is sent to the fundraisers page and must contain the following information:

       donor's personal data;

       donation details;

       donation amount;

       date of transfer of funds.

This message must also be personalized and include the donation name.

The weekly notice can be edited every week. With it, you can talk about updates, events and the progress of the fundraiser. Adjust the date and time by setting the correct time zones. For example, you can post your fundraiser's progress over the past week in your post by showing your thanks and your new place on the leaderboard.

An approval message is automatically sent to everyone who has been approved for the new page. The theme is simple: "Your new page has been approved." In the body of the letter, in addition to the same words, you can add a call to action. For example, "we advise you to go to your page right now."

A receipt message will be attached to every transaction receipt. It will appear automatically after payment has been made. In its content, words of gratitude should be duplicated, the details of the transaction and contacts of your organization should be prescribed, which can be used in case of questions.

Adding a template

Before adding a template, you need to log into your account and download the cabinet. In the dashboard, find “Fundraising Tools” and then “Fundraising Templates”. A “+” icon will appear in the menu to create templates.

In the fields for filling in the information, you can enter any desired information. There are no restrictions here, so in each of them write whatever you want. Available fields:

       the name of the fundraiser;

       the purpose of the donation;

       photo of the fundraiser;


After filling, click “Create” - done. You can edit at any time.

Now your template will be available in the general section and will automatically become the default. Now everyone who creates a fundraiser in your account can use it.

To remove this property, just click the star on the left, and to remove it - the corresponding icon next to the template.

All fundraising templates have default values and notifications. To edit them, just go to the "Settings" menu, which is located opposite the name of the fundraiser.


We covered the benefits of the fundraiser, the steps to planning a strategy for implementing templates, examples and rules for adding / editing. Use the information received to facilitate your fundraising work and achieve your company's goals.




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