Creating Hope and a Future through Education

Creating Hope and a Future through Education

From Justin Jung

This is a campaign to build school for individuals in Thailand to receive free education. We believe that education should be free for all. So many potentials that are unheard of. A cup of coffee to bring future for all.

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A young boy was sitting on the grass. Feeling the cool summer breeze, he looked up at the sky and saw the vast openness that was beyond what his vision could see.  

The gentle clouds were moving methodically as if the sky had its flow like that of a small stream where he went to catch frogs often. He wondered to himself, “If the sky is so vast and beyond my reach then does it mean that the world under it is just as expansive?”  

This simple curiosity instilled a dream for this boy to see the vast world that was still hidden from the tiny remote jungle village in Thailand that he lived in.  

A young couple visited the remote village one day. Perhaps it was fate or destiny. Whatever one might call it that was the day the couple saw the kids in the village. 

The atmosphere was heavy. There was no laughter. No signs that may  indicate happiness. Everybody was so sad. The world that the couple visited, was a stark contrast to the 20th century environment. 

“How can people be so sad?” the couple wondered to themselves. As the  couple looked into the eyes of the children in the village, they saw  emptiness. There were no reflections of hope, dreams, or a future of any kind. It was like seeing the eyes of a dead fish displayed in the supermarket.  

Among the many children, one child was particularly noticeable. Unlike the others, his eyes glistened and there was life in those eyes. It was not just life but hope shining in his eyes.  

From the depth of the couple’s heart, a passion ignited in their hearts. They discovered their purpose—to help the children and the people of the village. 

Through the collaboration of many like-minded individuals, the Nan  Peacefulness Foundation was born.  

The child that the couple saw was able to receive an education through the  education the Nan Peacefulness Foundation provided and moved to a city to study.  

He became a regional athlete in long-distance track and field representing his high school. His exceptional life in the village, running across harsh mountain paths every day contributed towards honing his talent in long distance tournaments.  

Not stopping there, the child graduated at the top of his class. He  eventually went to a university in the capital and even there his talents shined.  

Among many college students who campaigned as student council  presidential candidates, he was able to beat all the odds and became the first student body president of minority origin.  

This was the first in the university or elsewhere for that matter where a person from a rural hill tribe minority group became student body president or in a high leadership position. Even at the university, he would tell everyone about his origin and accept all without any biases because after all, everyone was human.  

Right after graduating from university, he got scouted and hired by a major company in a high executive position, got married, and, remembering his roots, he, to this day, donates to people in need in his village.  

This person was the same boy who was looking up to the clouds while thinking about wanting to see the big wide world. 

Through the dedication of people who wanted to change the children’s lives, many children from the village were able to find their hopes, dreams, and future.  

No longer a destitute village was full of sadness, instead laughter is heard everywhere. Children singing, their voices like chimes heard in a heavenly melody above.  

We have a vision to build upon the foundation this couple has established through Nan Peacefulness Foundation over the past two decades. 

Our goal is to create a school that serves not only children, but also adults  from the village and beyond who never had the opportunity to receive an education. 

This school will be a place where doors are opened to new possibilities for all. The school will be an institution where those who wish to study can study without the restriction of tuition or other expenses. 

There are still so many kids who need to achieve success. There are still so many adults in the village and elsewhere who never got an opportunity to study. 

This is not just a donation; it is a commitment to the future of the people who have potentials, but just does not have opportunities to realize what they could achieve in life. 

Just as the young man who went on to do greater things due to the  education opportunities the young couple provided him our desire is to unite as one with our donors to help these beautiful people to discover their potential in life. 

The price for a cup of coffee could be the stepping stone towards helping people in need to discover their potential. 

Turning a vision to be not just a vision but a reality. The power to turn this vision into reality is in our hands. We humbly ask for your help in changing  people’s lives one small step, but a giant leap of hope, at a time. 

We invite you to join us in this journey of creating new futures for many children and adults. 


Nan Peacefulness Foundation

*For privacy issues, we chose to not disclose the name of the boy who was mentioned in this  letter.  


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