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We invite people to join us to D.A.S.H.-Display Acts of Selfless Humanity to help a woman who, through extenuating circumstances, is homeless. She needs her car repaired and an RV/5th wheel for housing.

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Starr was trapped in freezing cold, negative-degree weather, and snow for 11 days before being rescued. She was traveling from one city to another with her 2 dogs when she was caught in a snowstorm in an isolated area. She ran out of gas and had no heat for the duration of 11 days of terror. Her tires were bald and she had no traction in the elements.

A few days prior, Starr had ordered my book, Vessel Of Light, and put it in her glovebox. She discovered it while waiting to be rescued, and it became her only connection to a person. She said that VOL encouraged her, was her friend (as she connected with me and my stories), and gave her hope. Starr periodically flipped back to the pages of the songs I had written, and they inspired her as she tried to imagine the melodies.

After Starr was rescued, she left her VOL book in a local laundromat so others could be inspired by it as they waited to complete their laundry. She said that she was touched by my D.A.S.H. (Display Acts of Selfless Humanity) concept and wanted to somehow give back so she let go of the book she had purchased with her minimal income. In the back of the book are notes she made about things that spoke to her while reading.

Starr reached out to me on FB Messenger to thank me for writing Vessel Of Light and shared her terrifying journey with me. Through our many conversations, I discovered that she is homeless. So, I did what anyone else would do, I drove the 7 hours to Colorado to surprise Starr with a much-needed hug and her own signed copy of my book. I also started this Fundly.com page to raise awareness of her situation so she can get the help she needs. Through a few donations, we were able to get 2 new tires and a spare for her vehicle but she needs more.

Due to extenuating circumstances, Starr is living in her freezing car with temperatures in the negatives. We would like to have her car repaired (or purchase a better vehicle) and provide her with an RV/5th wheel so she will be warm, safe, and able to be self-sufficient. She prefers mobile housing because the rent is more affordable for her. Please help restore Starr's dignity and keep her warm and safe. Thanks so much, and be blessed!

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