Disabled Seeks Funding for Vehicle

Disabled Seeks Funding for Vehicle

From Mark French Sr

I'm seeking Funding for a Vehicle to get me to and from appointments, work, and daily life as I'm striving to have to ask for rides etc from family and or friends, and get back to Work and continue with Daily life.

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As becoming disabled finding out that I had diabetes then loosing my foot/leg to the doctor's telling me through multiple tests and in and out of the hospital Indianapolis,  Indiana that I have congestive heart failure with my heart functioning at like 25/30 percent.. So with all this happening , appointments on monthly and or 3 months to 6 months . I have been trying to still continue each day thanking God as some of my friends and mostly family for helping with the daily grind and the appointments going to and from , So I'm seeking some helping hands and or donations to purchase my own car , suv , hatchback,  or even a truck , as I have frequently needed and or wheelchair,  walker etc. So I'm as I did try to help with my daily routine etc by getting out and not just setting around mopping about life etc.  Which I now have a prosthetic foot/leg that I had several appointments and procedures which has been successful and my doctors say that I'm doing great and can drive in my own now , As this is great to hear from so much gloom etc , So as I'm not looking for 20,000 or 30,000 or even 40,000 just a standard vehicle of stated above something in the 10,000 window as the site stated an amount etc to get me back into the personal freedom of having your own vehicle,  as I gave been on disability but do not qualify for any loans etc as with credit history and with my monthly check being rent and utilities with little food , It makes it almost impossible at times but I keep my head up and thank God each day and pray that someone with the helping hands may just give and bless me as God says Ask anything in my name and though shall receive,  And I believe in my heart that God has and will bless and be blessed,  Thank you and God Bless .

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