Disabled Single Mother and Student Seeking ANY Assistance.

Disabled Single Mother and Student Seeking ANY Assistance.

From CrystanieDa-Ja'Ron Sawyers

Disabled Single Mother and Student Seeking ANY Assistance for Essential Needs: Food, Rent, Bills, Medical Expenses, Transportation Costs, Continuation of Education, Credit Card Debt Relief and Business Dreams to build...

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Disabled Single Mother and Student Seeking ANY Assistance for Essential Needs: Food, Rent, Bills, Medical Expenses, Transportation Costs, Continuation of Education, Credit Card Debt Relief and Business Dreams to build up the ADA Community. 

Hello friends, family, and kind strangers,

I hope this message finds you well.  My name is CrystanieDa-Ja’Ron and I am reaching out to you as a single disabled mother whose a student (working on a bachelor’s degree studying cybersecurity) in need of urgent assistance. It’s challenging for me to articulate the immense need I currently face, but I am hopeful that your generosity and empathy can make a significant difference in my life. I am writing today with a heavy heart and a humble request for support. I find myself in a challenging situation where I’m struggling to maintain basic necessities like food, gas, shelter and struggling with a significant burden of credit card debt and the list goes on. I understand that times are tough for many, but I remain optimistic that together we can overcome these obstacles. 


Like many people, I too have experienced unexpected circumstances that deeply affected my financial stability. On a daily basis, I struggle to make ends meet with just $959 per month from SSDI. Furthermore, the past year has presented me with numerous unforeseen expenses, including the unfortunate loss of eight family members across the country within a short seven-month period. As a result, I faced the challenge of traveling to multiple funerals without sufficient funds. In addition to these difficult circumstances, I have also incurred medical expenses and other unplanned emergencies. Regrettably, these circumstances have resulted in significant debt, leaving me with limited financial resources to meet my essential needs.

After climbing out of these extreme hardship situations, I have another request regarding monetary assistance or mentorship and owning multiple businesses to assist the ADA community. I want to leverage my experiences to provide unique, meaningful, and sustainable solutions to the ADA community. I am passionate about inspiring and helping others to follow their dreams and reach their goals. Particularly if I am successful in climbing out of these extreme hardships, I have a different type of request relating to any financial assistance or mentorship, in addition to my attempt to start my own multiple businesses to help the ADA community with things that they are neglected about. Using my 20 years as a disabled individual, I hope to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with housing and hotel accommodations. I am driven to make a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities and to create a more inclusive society. I am committed to advocating for and supporting those who are underserved and underrepresented. I am passionate about creating a more equitable and accessible world.

The generosity and compassion you show me during this difficult time would mean the world to me and my son and could potentially enhance the quality of life in the ADA community. I hope you can find it in your hearts to help us out. We will greatly appreciate it if you can show kindness and support during this difficult time, which will not be forgotten. Thank you for considering our request.

As a single mother, which brings unique challenges. The combination of my multiple impairments, diseases, health complications, and limited financial resources has made it increasingly difficult for me to meet basic needs, such as paying bills, rent, and transportation costs.

As someone who is fiercely passionate about education, I have worked diligently towards completing my degree. I won't have enough funding to support myself until 2025 due to unforeseen circumstances, and the FASFA program funds are almost depleted. It is now this financial obstacle that I have to overcome along with all of my other financial hardships already listed. Completing my education is paramount to me, as it will open doors to my future career and personal growth. With your support, I can continue my studies and graduate from the University of Maryland Global College equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in prayerfully obtaining a position in the Department of Defense under their cybersecurity division. I am confident that with your help, I can make my dream of working for the DoD a reality. I am passionate about learning and applying the latest technologies to secure and protect our nation's most sensitive information. I look forward to the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the DoD and the country. After I've saved enough money as capital, I'll be able to build places exclusively for the disabled community, which is a really important cause to me.

I am humbly and kindly asking for your support and understanding in making a donation to help improve my current situation. Any amount you can contribute would go a long way in alleviating these financial hardships. Here’s how your generosity could make a difference:

Financial Challenges:

1. Food Insecurity: Insufficient funds for groceries, leading to compromised nutrition and overall well-being.

2. Rent: Meeting monthly rent payments has become increasingly challenging. Your contribution towards rent would ensure a stable and safe living environment for my son and me.

3. Transportation: Reliable Transportation is crucial for accessing medical appointments, grocery stores, and other necessary destinations. Any assistance with gas or public transportation fees would ease the financial strain and enhance our mobility.

4. Continuing My Education Despite Financial Hardships: Despite receiving some funds from FAFSA, they are almost depleted and will unfortunately run out before I can graduate, leaving me in a difficult situation. To fulfill my dreams and complete my bachelor’s degree.

5. Medical Expenses: Your support will alleviate the burden and stress which is not good for MS, of accumulating medical bills, allowing me to access the necessary healthcare and treatments to maintain our well-being.

6. Bills: I am struggling to make ends meet, especially with food, medical bills, and other essential expenses. Any support towards these bills would alleviate immediate financial strain and provide peace of mind for my family.

7. Credit Card Debt Relief: Funds raised will enable me to make necessary payments towards credit card bills, gradually reducing the debt burden and relieving the stress associated with it.

8. Business Startup: I have been desiring for multiple years to start huge businesses to aid the ADA community with their own housing and hotels which would also achieve long-term financial stability and independence. As a disabled single mother, this opportunity could immensely benefit my family’s future. Any support, whether financial or mentorship, would be sincerely appreciated.

Final Thoughts:

I am truly grateful for your time and consideration in reading my story. Your generosity would not only help me get back on my feet but also restore my hope and faith in humanity. Rest assured that any assistance provided will be used responsibly and transparently towards addressing immediate needs. Please keep in mind that even if you are unable to donate, sharing this campaign with your network would be tremendously helpful. Every small act of support makes a significant impact. I understand that there are numerous individuals in need, and your resources may be limited. However, any assistance or guidance you can provide would genuinely make an immeasurable impact on my family’s well-being and future. 

If you require any additional information or supporting documentation to further consider my request, please let me know. I am more than willing to provide any necessary proof of my situation or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I am hopeful that your compassionate spirit will help alleviate the financial challenges I am facing and provide a brighter future for my son and me.

With utmost appreciation,


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