Help First Line doctors and nurses!

Help First Line doctors and nurses!

From Josephine Fu

I'm raising money to manufacture clear aerosol boxes for donations to Los Angeles's local hospitals. These boxes were designed by a doctor and will help shield hospital staff from infection.

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Hello everyone! My name is Josephine and I live in Los Angeles area.

We are all trying to help during this crazy time. Doctors and nurses are the first line of defense in efforts to combat COVID-19.   I had done research and found out about Aerosol Boxes. These boxes provide not only actual protection, they also reduce destress and give comfort to the medical professionals and their families.  I believe we can all do a better job when we can be more relax, don't you think? For the nerd who wants to know the effectiveness of this, here a medical evaluation on professional journal: 

What are Aerosol Boxes?

Aerosol Boxes were invented by a Taiwanese doctor called Dr. Lai Hsien-yung (賴賢勇).  Virus Outbreak: Local doctor’s invention adopted in Philippines - Taipei Times   They are boxes made of acrylic or transparent polycarbonate aerosol material used for reducing infection risk.

...or in English, they're plexiglass boxes that can be placed over a patient's head region on a bed like a helmet to help block the spread of Coronavirus.

They have two hand holes above so hospital staff can take care of any treatment involving a patient's head without putting themselves at risk, and their design makes it easy to clean them with bleach or alcohol. Unlike mask or other PPE, this can be sterilized, cleaned and reuse over and over.

In the absence of a sufficient supply of ventilators and N95 masks, these boxes are quick to make, reusable, and could very well save many lives, both by protecting caretakers' life, and by the peace of mind.

Campaign Goal

Because Dr. Lai shared his Aerosol Box designs with the world under a Creative Commons license, anyone is free to acquire the specifications and manufacture them. And that is exactly what I am doing.

I have already made 2 batches of the Boxes. Numerous hospitals and doctors in my area have gotten them. I've run out, but there are still many more hospitals need them, emailing me multiple times a day.

Due to the way manufacturing works, the more boxes I arrange to have made, the cheaper it will cost per box and the more we can have made. If I mass produce this, it would be about $66 each, for lower quanity it gets more expensive. Making just 2 would cost about $120 each. Shipping to N California cost $50 each. Locally I do deliver or they pick up.  This compnay in PA is selling it for $258 per pair, shipping abouat $85 UPS ground, takes about a week to arrive Californa.   I rather make them locally.

I am asking you to help and join in the efforts of saving lives. I ask you to give $1 if you can. It's like raising your hand. This shows the medical staff that we care. I am a civilian that isn't part of the medical field, If you can,  share this page to as many people as possible!!! 

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