Donation for youth in need

Donation for youth in need

From Tyler Flickinger

This is to help youth in need of assistance. We have 4 recipients that donations will be dispersed to. A family in Tennesse, Kokomo Urban Outreach, Ramsey's Boxing Gym, and the Maltman's daughter.

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In Tennessee we have a family with 6 children that are living at or below poverty. It is a single parent home at the moment. The father struggles to make ends meet while the mother is incarcerated. There are 4 younger children and some of the boys are forced to wear their sisters clothing do to lack of necessities. We want to help this family in this time of need and provide essential items necessary to help this family thrive and feel comfortable at school and bring confidence to them.

Second we have Kokomo Urban Outreach. This program is designed ed to help troubled youth and take them off the street and teach them there is more to life than running the streets. This program take these kids and helps them transition into successful adults by teaching them critical life skills. Some of these skills are accountability, responsibility, respect, work ethic, and the value of money. A lot of these children have single parent homes and some of which that lack structure. They take these kids in and give them purpose and prepare them for adulthood. This program is a non for profit and operates off donations only. They currently have around 350 kids in the program that attend year round. They range in age from 5-18. They receive no government funding. So we would like to provide necessary resources so they can can continue to provide these kids with everything they need to be successful.

Next we have Ramsey's Boxing Gym. They are located in Rock Island, Illinois. Ramsey provides a Boxing Gym for the kids in the community. A lot of these kids have lack of structure at home and have a troubled past. It isn't just about boxing here. These kids have been fighting for their lives so a fight isn't something new to them. In the gym their taught life skills such as discipline, accountability, knowing your limits, restraint, pacing yourself, and perseverance. Most of these kids have never had anyone in their corner and now they do. We would like to ensure this resource to the youth in this community had the necessary funding to stay open and continue to change the lives of the young men and women who walk through the door.

Last but not least we have the Maltman's. Gary and his wife Sarah have tried so many different things to keep their family a float. While not asking for help the condition of their daughter was brought to the bully community's attention and of course we wanted to step in and help the family in any way possible, as we would for any one in this community. As anyone with a heart will tell you, no amount is too small to donate, no one gesture is too small to help, just the fact that you took the time out of your day to help is enough. We would like everyone to help out with as much as they can to support their family during this struggle. Our children are our world and we all know when that comes crashing down the world stops for you while it continues for the rest. We ask that you support this family not only with your generous donations but with emotional support as well. Here is a brief description of their daughter chevelles condition. Chevelle is a 9 year old girl who's recently been diagnosed with a ultra rare disease called CSNK2B or POBIND syndrome, also known as Poirier–Bienvenu neurodevelopmental syndrome, Poirier-Bienvenu neurodevelopmental syndrome (POBINDS) is a neurologic disorder characterized in most cases by early-onset seizures and variably impaired intellectual development (ID). The severity of neurologic impairment is highly variable: some patients may have refractory seizures and be bedridden with no meaningful speech, whereas others may have treatment-responsive seizures and achieve normal psychomotor development. For Chevelle she is at a 1% percentile for learning. And we're waiting to find out if she has early onset dementia. She also has atonic and atypical seizures caused not just by this disease but by a cyst in her cerebral plexus. That is incurable and with hopes the seizure medicine keeps it stable, Chevelle is moderate for this disease at the moment it has not hit the aggressive stage yet which means she socializes with people right now. Some characteristics are autistic and a lot of stimulation may cause her to go to a safe area. She can walk short distances, and stairs are difficult. she may look like a normal kid right now but this disease causes low muscle tone and with her atonic seizures she falls. ..Alot. If you would like to know more or track her progress during this time her mother will be making a page for you to do so. Thank you for your time and support during this time.

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