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Hi, my brother sued me 2-17-23 for my home. The case #CV2023-050639 in Superior Court Az. I am 55 male partially blind disabled about to be homeless. I can win with an attorney. I will pay it Back or Forward. Help please

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Dear Friends and Supporters, 

I hope this letter finds you well. Today, I reach out to you with a heavy heart and a plea for assistance. My name is Craig, and I am in a desperate situation where I am fighting to protect my home and ensure the well-being of my family. 

Let me share a bit of our story. My brother and I have had a strained relationship for many years, stemming from a childhood incident, where as a young boy, in true "big brother antagonizing" fashion, I made him try chewing tobacco. It was a childish antic and not meant to be something significant, yet I unknowingly caused him harm, and he still holds a grudge against me, and claims that ruined his life, causing him eternal grief, as he continued the habit well into adulthood. Despite my remorse and attempts to reconcile, he has harbored a deep grudge against me throughout our lives. Regrettably, this vendetta has now escalated to the point where he is attempting to manipulate the legal system and make me and my family homeless. 

A pivotal moment in our relationship occurred during my brother's senior year of college. Despite an eight-year age gap, I made a sincere effort to connect with him by participating in his fraternity father/son golf tournament. While there, we shared moments of camaraderie, indulging in drinks and revelry. However, my brother, in his drunken state, blamed me for the choices he made regarding tobacco use, even though it was merely an occasional habit for him. Unfortunately, this incident became his sole memory of our bond as brothers. 

Fast forward 40 years, and my brother, coercing our clinically depressed mother, before her tragic suicide in 2019, managed to secure her entire estate, including my home of 25 years, through her will and trust. He is now utilizing the resources from this trust to sue me for ownership of the property. Compounding the injustice, he is funding his legal battle against me with my rightful share of the estate, leaving me unable to afford legal representation. 

I have faced numerous challenges in recent years, including serious eye and sight issues that have hindered my ability to work full-time. Despite these hardships, I have taken every legal step to protect my ownership of the property, even drafting a motion for summary judgment. However, my girlfriend Ashley and I, while educated, are not legal experts, and we desperately need the assistance of an attorney to ensure the preservation of our home. 

This is where I humbly ask for your help. I am currently in a dire financial situation, having exhausted all avenues in seeking a loan or other means to afford legal representation. The support I am seeking is not a handout but rather a lifeline to safeguard our home and the well-being of my girlfriend Ashley and our precious 3-year-old daughter, Sophia. I am committed to matching any assistance we receive, as a gesture of gratitude and in the spirit of paying it forward. 

It breaks my heart to know that countless families are facing similar housing crises, and I empathize deeply with their struggles. With your support, we can prevent our own family from becoming another statistic. I promise you that once this legal battle is resolved, and justice is on our side, we will honor our commitment to pay it forward by assisting others in need. 

To those who can offer their help, please know that your generosity will make an immeasurable difference in our lives. Our dream extends beyond the resolution of this chapter; with the proceeds from a home loan, we aim to embark on a new business venture. Our vision is to create a service that caters to the families of the elderly, who sadly pass away each year in Arizona, offering them much-needed support during their difficult times. We have a meticulously prepared Pitch Deck presentation, a comprehensive business plan, and a budget ready for potential investors who are seeking a unique investment opportunity. 

Our family's immediate priority is finding a safe and stable home for ourselves. I beseech you to consider sharing in our journey by donating to our cause or spreading the word among your networks. Together, we can overcome this unjust lawsuit and lay the foundation for a brighter future. 

For those who wish to follow our legal proceedings, the case number is CV2023-050639 in the Arizona courts, Endreson, Bryan vs Endreson, Craig. 

On behalf of myself, Ashley, and Sophia, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your time, consideration, and support. Your compassion and generosity have the power to change our lives and ensure justice prevails. Let us stand together and protect the sanctity of family, home, and the pursuit of justice. 

With sincerest appreciation,


Craig, Ashley, and Sophia

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