Ebola Crisis--Adventist Partners Saving Lives

Ebola Crisis--Adventist Partners Saving Lives

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From The Seventh-day Adventist Church In North America

Cooper Adventist Hospital (Liberia), Waterloo Adventist Hospital (Sierra Leone), GC Health Ministries, Adventist Health International, LLU, & ADRA--working together to save lives.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church In North America

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Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) nearly seven months ago in West Africa, there have been more than 7,000 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola and more than 4,000 people have lost their lives. Sierra Leone and Liberia are the most affected countries and the outbreak shows no sign of slowing down.

Since the beginning of this deadly outbreak, the Seventh-day Adventist Church responded through a partnership between the General Conference Health Department, Adventist Health International (AHI), and ADRA.

Together these ministries have been working seamlessly to support the two Adventist hospitals in the Ebola zone and their health-care providers working to provide life-saving medical care for those affected by the virus.

Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia managed to remain Ebola-free and operational for several months after all the other hospitals in the area were closed to the public. Finally, they were faced with the decision to remain open or to close, when two of the staff members became ill with what was suspected to be Ebola. For the safety of patients and staff, the hospital was temporarily closed and placed under a three-week quarantine.

After completing this period, Cooper is committed to re-open as a hospital designated for the treatment and care of the sick not infected with the Ebola virus. Ebola patients will be sent to a specially designated treatment center. This service is critical to the battle against Ebola so that the treatment of Ebola victims does not entirely consume health care capacity leaving those suffering from other life-threatening illnesses vulnerable.

Thanks to the support of AHI, GC Health Ministries, ADRA, and the selfless dedication of healthcare providers the hospital has been able to provide medical care to hundreds in need.  One committed physician is Dr. Gillian Seton, who has been working as a general surgeon at Cooper Adventist Hospital since the start of the outbreak. Seton says the biggest needs are supplies such as; gloves, masks and surgical gowns as well as other much-needed equipment to help maintain a level of safety and protection for the physicians and patients. In addition to these seemingly small needs, Cooper Hospital is greatly in need of our financial help to maintain a high level of service during this deadly epidemic.

Waterloo Adventist Hospital has also been closed to the public. Even before Cooper closed, Waterloo decided to shut their doors to the public due to several hospital staff contracting the virus. Since then, three have died, and the hospital is under an extended quarantine. After completion of this phase, the hospital will collaborate with the Sierra Leone government to be operated as an Ebola treatment clinic. Preparations are underway for the hospital to re-open by the end of October. Despite this partnership, Waterloo Hospital is still in need of our financial support to continue to stay operational.

Hospitals are said to be the most dangerous place you can be right now. Which is why it is important to show support to these brave medical professionals that are working to maintain a level of safety and health for the patients they are treating.

Public Health Information and Education Campaign. ADRA is providing psychological counseling and support to victims and families, training to capacitate the staff and volunteers, community awareness and sensitization messages in public places such as markets, churches and bus stations. ADRA is also producing and distributing public information and education materials such as flyers, posters, and radio and television programs.

Though far away, this team of Adventist hospitals, healthcare providers, and ADRA workers are in need of your help. Every small donation can make a huge difference. Please give generously

Hope for Humanity, a ministry of Adventist Community Services, helps fund and support humanitarian and community ministry initiatives.

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