Elderly Personal Home Care

Elderly Personal Home Care

From Ivy Adams-Perkins

Greetings everyone! My mother (Francine W. Hill), is now a permanent resident at a personal care home in Kennesaw, GA. Her monthly income is not enough to make the payments for her monthly stay. We could use some help.

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My name is Ivy Adams-Perkins. I am the daughter of Francine W. Hill. 

I never thought that I would be starting a campaign for my mother's cause, but here I am. It turns out I'm in a financial situation that is much bigger than me. This all began when I left my life of stability in Maryland ten years ago. At that time my mother was in recovery from breast cancer. She was married to her then-husband. They were together for 30-40 years and retired in Palm Coast, FL. Soon after I moved in, my mother decided she wanted a divorce because my stepfather (her now ex-husband) was physically and verbally abusive. My mother should have come to this decision/realization a long time ago. She had already been diagnosed with a muscle disorder in her 50s but now at 86 years old, it has progressed/escalated beyond my financial and physical capabilities to continue supporting her. Over the years she had already experienced complications walking, standing up, and sitting down. But all of a sudden (here recently), she could no longer get in and out of her bed. She then started having problems being independent while using the restroom. She even fell a few times over the years but within the past few months, the falls had become more frequent. It was clear to me that she needed to be in an environment with more hands-on care, so that is why she is now in a personal care home. My mother never wanted to be placed in a home and I didn't want that for her either, but now we have reached the inevitable. Before her admission into her current personal care home, I had to do extensive research into which homes fit her budget which was a daunting task in itself. I even tried to obtain extra funds for her through the state of Georgia but I was informed that my mother makes/receives too much for her to qualify for the financial assistance. She is only getting $2,200 a month via her social security, pension, and alimony. The places that I visited (during my search before her admission into her current home) wanted anywhere from five to eight thousand dollars a month for her monthly stay which far exceeds her income. Some of the homes I visited were so frightening (in terms of appearance, lack of staff, cleanliness, broken elevators etc.) that I wouldn't even send my worst enemy there let alone my precious mother. Eventually, I stumbled upon a man who has his own senior placement agency. He was able to get me connected to the owner of the personal care home that my mother is currently staying in. After meeting the owner personally, she found a place in her heart to give us a discounted deal on the monthly payment which is $3,200 a month. For the past few months since November, I've been contributing anywhere from $1,200 to $1,300 to my mother's $2,200 since her income doesn't cover the entire cost of her monthly stay. These additional funds that I contribute also help to pay for her toiletries and clothes which are constantly needing to be replenished due to the heavy and ongoing consumption. This is extremely difficult to maintain because I also have to maintain my own living expenses which would include rent, electric bill, phone bill, internet bill, car note, car insurance, groceries, and gas to fill the car. I honestly feel as if I have a black cloud hanging over my head and I can barely keep up. My stress levels are very high. If there is anyone out there reading this who has compassion in their heart for the elderly and the funds to provide assistance/relief, I would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute a donation. 

Thank you for your time, passion, and consideration.

Sincerely,Ivy Adams-Perkins

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