Email Deliverability: definition, reasons and tips

Email Deliverability: definition, reasons and tips

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Nowadays people who are involved in the marketing industry often face the term email delivery. They always try to implement as many tools as they can afford to boost their sales. However, as a result of a marketing campaign, business owners often complain about low rates of email deliverability.

What is the reason for an unsuccessful marketing campaign? Should we consider it as a waste of time and money or just a lack of necessary tools?

According to marketing analysis, we should state that the success of the marketing process depends on email deliverability. 

Let's figure out a definition of this term which can seem complicated, but actually, it is not. Email deliverability is the probability of messages mailed directly to the inbox of receivers. Following this statement, we can note that the level of probability impacts the email marketing deliverability of your marketing campaign.

You have to remember, that email deliverability is the key to improve your business process and boost sales rates. In this article, you will find out the tips and reasons why you should care about deliverability because it is one of the most important elements in the whole email process, which requires additional paying attention and efforts.

What does email marketing deliverability make good?

According to the email statistics of Campaign Monitor, 99% is a total delivery rate, however, in this number is included both emails which were delivered into recipients’ inboxes and the spam folders at the same time. If your goal is to increase the rate of deliverability, you should realize that a satisfactory level of it is 95% of mailed messages to your recipients` inboxes. By this good rate we signify that the email deliverability involves these points:

  • Lack of bounces. Have you ever noticed that your messages were not delivered because of email address problems, server difficulties, or violating sending consistency? In this case, you should be aware of such terms as soft and hard bounces which impact the quality of the email deliverability. The hard bounces generally indicate reasons for failures in delivering the messages. They include such issues as the non-existence of a recipient email address and blocking of the delivery of the recipient email server. While soft bounces define a temporary delivery difficulty, which can consist of these issues as blocking email messages because of content, inactive phase of a mailbox, problems with a recipient email server, and others. This type of bounce demands careful treading to keep your ISP`s in a good state. So, having good email deliverability requires a lack of bounces which harms this process.
  • Successful email delivery directly to Inbox. Having a good email delivery also implies that your messages do not get into trash folders or spam traps. To avoid these situations, you should take into account such points as email content, number of mail lists, relevance, audience, etc. The fewer emails end in spam or trash folders, the higher deliverability you get.
  • Interaction with the audience. Any email marketing campaign focuses on increasing potential clients and improves sender scores. It can be achieved by a high level of engagement with your emails by clicking and opening your messages.


So, the lack of bounces, successful email delivery, and engaging with the audience are the essential points of good email deliverability. By the way, Folderly is a B2B a lead generation company Belkins, which takes into account not only different aspects of a client’s top-of-the-sales-funnel needs but also a new level of improving your email deliverability.

Boost your email deliverability

There are three essential elements by which email deliverability is affected. The first one is an email service provider. Using such big platforms as Outlook, Gmail or Zoho allows you not only to use their wide range of instruments to make your email marketing process much more resultative and effective but also to have a strong and credible security system to avoid phishing attacks, spamming, and fraud.

The second one is email content. Good deliverability requires qualitative, clear, and transparent text and subject lines. If your emails consist of deceptive and spammy words, your sender score declines.

And the third element is your behavior as a sender. To improve your email sender score and protect your potential receivers from spammers, you should follow a steady timetable for sending messages, monitor your IP reputation, and support the health of your domain. Besides these elements for boosting email deliverability, we suggest sticking to the following strategies:

  • Monitoring deliverability. The main benefit of it is the ability to keep an eye on the email process. It includes examining blacklist activity, controlling complaint and bounces rates, monitoring the work of mail authentication. Using special tools and programs will help track your emails to the point of destination, inform you about outreach and enable you to control all your indicators.
  • Checking sending list. In order to have good deliverability, you have to verify recipients` addresses. If you email people with real, and relevant addresses who are interested in your service or product, you gain success in email marketing.
  • Taking a credible service provider. Choosing a service provider is equal to choosing a life partner. It requires figuring out all pros and cons because it depends on your further reputation. In accordance, such a platform as Gmail which is wide-spread and has a high level of protection of your data from spam emails, phishing, and fraud attempts. 
High-level deliverability with Folderly

Nowadays there are many tools by which you can improve your deliverability. But effecting and resultative one of them is Folderly, the service which does not demand registration or installation. If you want to boost your email marketing campaign and realize all strategies to implement it, sign up for a 7-day trial version and get not only your comprehensive analysis of data about the name of your domain or IP but also a detailed report on email deliverability. With Folderly all processes of your email marketing campaigns will improve and change forever!

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Folderly - is a tool whereby you can boost email deliverability, thanks to the lack of bounces, successful email delivery, engaging with the audience, checking sending list, monitoring deliverability.

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