Emergency Funds for Movers by Feb 13 & Car Repairs ASAP

Emergency Funds for Movers by Feb 13 & Car Repairs ASAP

From Trish Franklin

Movers on Feb 12, 13, or 14th and for car repair costs as soon as possible.

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2 months ago

Packing the U-Haul and taking trips to the new place.

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Saturday February 11, 2024

I'm in the process of what has turned into the 'longest move ever'!!  It has been happening since getting the keys to the new place in mid Dec. Right now I have a U-Haul & am currently moving over as much as possible. I've run into circumstances & the original plan, which included movers for furniture and boxes of books, for this upcoming Tues Feb 13, has fallen through. 

I need to be out of my current place in W Mount Airy by Feb 13th, the 15 at the LATEST, & that date is not flexible. This means I need to figure out helpers and/or movers NOW. The approx. cost of movers is $334 for $2hrs. I will have to return the U-Haul I currently have today by 4. I will be renting another as soon as possible. 

I cannot take over car loads because my car is unable to be driven, since Christmas eve. Not having a car has made this move extremely hard. I am unable to afford car repairs which I need to have done as soon as possible. The new place is difficult to get around without a car. 

I have an '08 Subaru Impreza 5 speed manual. The car, purchased just this past Sept, is in need of expensive repairs. It looks like the slave cylinder or/& master cylinder needs to be replaced & it's very likely the clutch does also. The inspection was up in Dec & it's also in need of brakes & possibly rotors & Calipers, & the door also needs to be fixed, I cannot open it from the inside. All of this will cost anywhere from around $1,000 to a few thousand.

I'm Sad to leave my beautiful Mount Airy apartment that I've been at for over 5 years, I have such wonderful memories that I will always cherish, it will certainly be missed. 

I'm very excited though, to move into a beautiful house with lots of space for cooking, creativity, exercise, working on my new Amazon FBA business (!!), & the continual healing journey I'm on during remission for breast cancer & after major surgery on Oct 11. 

The main focuses of my healing at this time are: 

  • Diet: I'm plant based. I'm working on making juices & foods that can be canned or frozen, so that I always have meals and snacks on hand. This involves a lot of preparation. Something I've learned is, having staple items made ahead of time & frozen so they are on hand is key. I'm learning so much, & have discovered so many amazing plant based recipes! I am cooking a lot more, which I don't mind at all since it is something that I enjoy & relieves stress. There are so many amazing foods & juices to make! Preparation however & getting into the swing of things is time consuming. I'm really looking forward to getting into the new place which has a much bigger kitchen with all new appliances! That will make cooking much more fun, easier & smoother. 
  • Exercise: Biking, yoga, platies, dance, just by going out & I'd love to take hip hop & belly dancing classes! I'm also really hoping to start  Brazil Jiu Jitsu classes very soon! This is something I have wanted to do for a while! And the bonus is I have learned is that Jiu Jitsu is excellent for after breast cancer treatment! Studies have found it can support the well-being of breast cancer survivors by improving quality of life and emotional functioning and reducing fatigue. It can also enhance physical recovery by improving and stabilizing physical activity levels. 

  • I would really like to reconnect with so many of you that I have lost touch with over the past 2 years. I'm sorry I haven't been great at consistently checking in. It's been crazy, with all sorts of surprises & circumstances, medical and life outside of the medical chaos (3 cars totaled, none being my fault, and the 1st happening as I was on my way to find out I had breast cancer. I was without a car for the first time in 20 years, from Dec of '22 to Sept of '23, which makes not having a functional car, at this time very frustrating and not only inconvenient but necessary. It's affecting many aspects of my life & is impacting my health. At times over the past 2 years I've really been thrown for a loop & felt as though I was living in the 'Twilight Zone.' Due to cancer treatment I was receiving many side effects such as headaches, fatigue, joint and body pain, mood changes, trouble sleeping... I could go on. After my surgery on Oct 11 which involved an Oophorectomy surgery, removal of both ovaries. Overnight, literally, I was thrown into menopause, which has been rougher than I thought it would be. It's pretty intense sometimes. The fatigue is worse than before, which I didn't even think was possible, hormonal changes have caused anxiety, depression & overall just not feeling myself& struggling hormonally, emotionally & mentally going through the many changes that have come with cancer treatment & surgery.  I've had a hard time keeping people updated & I've struggled with being on social media or partaking in many of the social activities I love. I miss them and most of all I miss seeing so many of my friends. I'm really hoping that this year that will change! I am feeling much better, more like myself and cannot wait until the warm weather get here. I plan on being outside in the sun as much as possible!

It is very hard for me to put out another request for help. It is not something I take lightly & it is not the only thing I am doing to try to rectify the situation I am in. So many of you helped me with donations to my gofundme when I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer & throughout my treatment. And I am so incredibly thankful for all the help & support I received from everyone at that time. It allowed me to get through extremely tough times with so much less stress. I will never forget all the love I received, it meant the world to me. Unfortunately though during this move I am in a situation that is very stressful on me physically & mentally & I am just trying to get through in one piece. Which is why I'm asking for your help again. 

If you are able to donate it would help me immensely. Anything at all helps. If you can't donate, you are welcome to help move stuff over to the new place, or in any other way you can think of! Any help is welcomed & would be awesome! 

And if you aren't able to do any of those, even just a text or phone call would really help keep my motivation going! Which by the way, I have a new phone # it's 267-910-6528.

I hope everyone's 2024 is off to a great start and life is good! I look forward to this new chapter in life & I hope you all are too!

All my love,

Miss Trish 


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Trish Franklin posted a new update:
2 months ago

Update #1

Packing the U-Haul and taking trips to the new place.

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