Emergency medical appeal for Idlib

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In recent weeks the Syrain and Russian government have been bombing our brothers and sisters without any care in the world, amongst the bombings was a hospital that was maternity hospital, it housed around 30 sisters and 30 new born babies, all who were in incubators at the time. 

The White Helmets rushed to the hospital to save as many as possible, whilst the helicopter was still patrolling the area to kill more lives. During the chaos they has realised they had left a 3 week old baby behind, this little baby was born with a hole in his heart and needed to be transported to another location which was safe. Alhumduli' Allah they had managed to rescue the baby from the remains of the building, as it laid in its incubator trying to survive with tubes helping it to breath. 

I would like to raise 5,000$ to help provide life saving medical care for babies and children, without charity work and fundraising, this baby wouldn't of been able to have been transported to another hospital without the correct equipment to help with his oxygen. 

I am sure many of us including myself have babies or children, it would break our hearts if this was any of our children in this situation :-(

JazakhAllah xx

The final battle for Idlib has begun, the Syrian regime along with their Russian allies are indiscriminately bombing schools, hospitals and busy market places. A lot of the casualties are women and children. To make matters worse, hospitals have been destroyed, putting more strain on the already fragile health care system. We need your help saving lives here in Idlib. This time we urgently need medical drugs and consumables to save lives. 

With 20$, we can save a live in the emergency room.                             With 50$ we can treat a patient in the ICU for a day.                              With 100$ we can provide emergency surgery for a patient.

Please donate now as this appeal is URGENT 

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