Empowering Lives, One Appliance at a Time: Join Our Journey

Empowering Lives, One Appliance at a Time: Join Our Journey


I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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Hello and welcome to our dream! I'm tariq, the passionate founder of philly appliance , a budding appliance repair service that's more than just a business – it's a mission to make a difference.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization: In our fast-paced world, appliances are not just machines; they're lifelines that keep our daily lives running smoothly. When a refrigerator stops working or a washing machine breaks down, it's not just an inconvenience; it's a disruption to life. That's where we come in – not just as technicians, but as problem-solvers and life-simplifiers.

We've already started making a difference in philly ,offering humane, reliable, and efficient appliance repair services. Our approach is unique – we don't just fix machines; we care for the people behind them. Every repair is an opportunity to ease someone's day, to bring comfort back into homes, and to build lasting relationships based on trust and expertise.

Now, we're dreaming bigger – to become the leading appliance repair company across all states. We're not just expanding our business; we're spreading our ethos of care and excellence. Our goal is to raise $1 million to realize this dream. This funding will be crucial for scaling up operations, enhancing our service offerings, and implementing innovative strategies that will set us apart in the appliance repair industry.

But this journey is more than business growth. It's about reuniting with my family, who I haven't seen in years. Every step towards our $1 million goal brings me closer to them, and every contribution you make is not just an investment in a business but in a dream of family reunion and shared success.

How Your Contribution Helps:

  • Expansion to New Locations: Funding will enable us to set up in new states, bringing our services to more people.
  • Training and Employment: We aim to create jobs and train technicians in our unique, customer-focused approach.
  • Innovation in Service: Part of the funds will go towards integrating new technologies and strategies to enhance our service efficiency and customer experience.
  • A Step Closer to Family: Your support also means a personal dream coming true – reuniting with my family.

Why Choose Us:

By supporting Appliance repair, you're not just funding a business; you're supporting a vision of service that values human connection and reliability. You're enabling a dream that blends professional ambition with personal fulfillment. Every donation, big or small, is a step towards transforming the appliance repair industry and bringing a family together.

Thank you for believing in our mission. Together, let's empower lives, one appliance repair at a time.

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