Erickson Family

Erickson Family

From Andrea Kendall

My good friend, Julie Erickson, lost her husband, Brad, to long term mental health illness that lead to his suicide. Julie is self employed and is unable to take time off work for herself and her children.

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Bradley Bryan Erickson, 8/16/1971 - 2/13/2024, suffered the majority of his life with mental and physical health challenges. Beginning in his late teens to early 20’s, he suffered from a disease causing his bones to fuse together, leading to chronic pain and debilitating depression. He began experiencing suicidal thoughts during his teens, and fought against them for 40 years.  

As Brad’s condition worsened, his family tried everything imaginable to help them. He saw a continual line up of counselors, psychiatrists and neurologists and treatment attempts included prescribed medications, transcranial magnetic stimulations, diet changes, ketamine infusions, and blessings & prayer.

Brad and Julie were introduced through Brad's brother Jordy. They survived a long distance relationship for many months before committing to marriage. Brad was very concerned about the responsibilities of marriage and family, and initially did not want to have children because he did not want to pass his conditions on to them. 

As it turns out, his children and wife were the love of his life, and the motivation to keep him fighting for life for so many years. 

As Brad's condition worsened, he became bed-ridden with infrequent temporary reprieves from his constant pain and mental health illness. 

On February 13, 2024, Brad took his own life, leaving his wife and children in mourning. While they had battled with this for years, the day has still been shocking and difficult for the family.

Julie shared that many of the things that she loved about Brad were his "larger than life" personality, how much and how deeply he cared about others, and the countless conversations they had about their common interests and passions.

Julie is a self-employed nurse anesthetist, and over the course of their marriage, all of their financial resources went to seeking medical and alternative help for Brad. Most recently, they spent over $50,000 on emergency hospital bills to keep him alive through a bout of COVID, and the purchase of an electro magnetic stimulation machine to help reset his neuropathways. 

Because she is self employed and no longer has a savings cushion, she is financially unable to take time off work as needed for her own grieving and mental health, and to spend quality time with her 3 children.

The money raised from this fundraiser will allow her a financial cushion to know that she can take care of herself and her family while she rebuilds her savings and emergency funds. 

**Please note there is a $0.30 per transaction fee plus a 3% credit card processing fee for all donations. Consider adding this to your donation to cover the processing fees so that Julie can receive the full amount of your donation. 

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